• Diana
    Hi Beautiful Wig Wearers,
    Please help. I recently needed more help securing my wig other than having a secure tight wig (my wig is tight on my head) and using bobby-pins to tighten it down. I was at a function outside where we had a slight wind come up. My wig almost came off. So I watched a UTube video on gluing wigs to your head. The first video I saw said to use got2be glue. So I went out and purchased a tube got2be glue-styling spiking glue. That didn’t work so I watched another video. According to this video (I bought the exact can) I needed to use the can with sprayer “glued blasting freeze spray” and I bought that and came home and tried it. My wig is Raquel Welch’s “Down Time” with lace front. I sprayed the glue on clean washed skin and waited for it to get tacky (a couple of minutes) and put my wig on. I glued it to my forehead only. That is what the video said. About 30 minutes and later I checked it and it was a little secure but not as tight as bobby-pins hold it. I was told the ultimate wig secure was glue. It didn’t work that well for me. What am I doing wrong??
  • linda
    I live in a very windy area, and this is always a worry for me too. I just started using "It Stays Roll On." But I do not roll it on. First I roll it on my wrist, and then use my fingers to apply to my hairline exactly were I want it. Then I press around my hairline for a few seconds. Its very easy to adjust the wig while working it in to position:) It is a water soluble product so it rinses off easily. But it totally secures your wig.
    Patti's Pearls has an excellent video on multiple ways to secure your wig. As does Wigs.com
    Good luck.
  • Jayne
    we lived in the midwest where the wind always seems to blow. I use It Stays directly on my hairline in front. No problems! I have also used blue Walkers lace tape...2 short pcs cut in half lengthwise. It'll hold very comfortably in a wind tunnel! DO buy the Jon Renau lace tape release!!! It works as well for the nape. :wink:
  • Diana
    Thank you so much ladies for the great tips. I am definitely going to try each one and find out what works best for me.
    Jayne-Where can I buy the It Stays and the Blue Walkers Lace tape? I am guessing the Blue Walkers lace tape is different than Jon Renau lace tape and used on different areas of the head to hold the wig down?
    Linda thank you for the valuable tip. I love Patti’s Pearls. I have watch her videos for different things on UTube. I will watch it. Thank you again. I guess it is true that “practice makes perfect”.
  • UglyBetty
    I used Premium Wig Grip Headband by Beaugee and it worked very well. I bought it from amazon. There are many brands but Beaugee has the best rating.
  • alicexm
    I live in South Texas just off the Gulf Coast where the wind can be pretty fierce. I nearly lost a wig pumping gas (early days), so went looking for sew-in clips. I also used got2be and It Stays, but they were just annoying. Then while trying on wigs at a salon, the owner brought out a Milano wig grip band and I found my solution. That was about a year ago, and i have added wig grip caps to the mix, depending on the wig cap - wefted, hand sewn. I also have a lace front band. I no longer worry about slippage, wind, bending over, or even trying on clothes in store dressing rooms. I get my Milano grips at the wig salon or on Amazon for about the same price. I still use the ones i bought a year ago, just wash in a mesh bag with my lingerie and hang to dry.
  • Taylor75

    Hi Diana, I would recommend sewing on an 1/2 elastic band to the ear tab area of the wig. There are tons of youtube videos on this method to secure your wig. The got2be glue-styling spiking glue will only tack down the lacefront, but will not keep the wig completely secure especially with high winds. You could use both methods and that would work the best. However if you use only the elastic band method and measure it correctly for a secure fit, that is not too tight, you may not even need the got2be glue-styling spiking glue. Hope that helps.
  • Jayne
    I buy It Stays on Amazon. Get one bottle to try (small shipping fee), but this is also great at keeping bra straps from slipping. ONLY downside is that it leaves your bio hair a bit stiff, but a quick mini shampoo will take it right out if you wish. Wig pops off when you apply old water. Walkers (blue) Lace tape has been around for DECADES. John Renau may be equivalent. It & JR tape remover is on Amazon-usually free shipping. Many wig sites carry it too. You must be a little more patient using the remover, but no residue on your hair and it HOLDS like crazy! Keep us posted.
  • polkadot222
    I agree with all the recommendations above. I use Got2BeGlued all the time. Use it as glue. Were you by any chance, reading the directions on the tube and diluting it? Just use it right out of the tube, put a tab on your forehead where the lace front would attach and wait for it to get tacky, then put on your wig.
    You could also use wig clips sewn in to clip to any biohair you might have. I do this as well as it also helps to prevent a wig from riding up in back.
  • Malibu Marge
    Sometimes tightening the wig is the worst thing to do. What works for me is the Beaugee grip and a looser wig. Because i don’t have much of an occipital ridge I Bobbi pin the grip to my biohair in back using two pin curls. My daughter has great results with It Stays, rolling it all around her hairline. Got2be is very effective but you need to let it dry and a lot of people use 2 coats and are very careful to not touch it with the fingers. They apply with a small spatula like you’d use for clay crafting. Both products release with warm water, but IMO the got2be requires more effort and care not to damage your lacefromt.
  • Lady with Hair
    It Stays (from Amazon) and double sided hair tapes from Hair Direct are my go to’s. I just received a Milano hair grip for lace fronts, but since I have no hair it didn’t seem to hold as well as the other 2 options. Anyone else have an issue with the wig grips? Wondering if I’m not positioning it correctly.
  • Malibu Marge
    Lady with hair, wigs.com has a grip with a silicone-like strip on one side for people with little to no bio hair. It is supposed to grip skin better than the velvet.
  • Lady with Hair
    Thanks Malibu Marge...I’m sure up for giving it a try!
  • Jayne
    Malibu Marge is right. Velvet wig grips work best with bio hair that is pulled back like in a high ponytail. I wasn't doing this at first and it was slipping right off! The silicone strips would seem to hold little-to-no hair much better. Let us know! :smile:
  • Deborah
    Hi... I have very little hair so I put tiny braids with elastic at temples and at the back of head and sew down with weave thread. I remove once of a week to wash hair an wig. I drive a convertible and a bike and no trouble with helmets either.
  • SapphireHair
    Hey ladies all of the above works great, it really depends on how you apply the GOT2B gule solution and spray. Or if you’ve had a bad explence then then Band will work. There are several very good tapes and gules out there. Amazon sell several of them, pay special attn to the stars & reviews of the products.
  • JudiMD
    I use the MILANO WigGrip. Milano is the original maker of wigGrips. $20.00 on Amazon and worth every penny! Nothing else needed. It ain’t going nowhere. Be sure to put it on with the white label on the right side of your head. That’s the only way it will work properly. Got mine on Amazon. Found out about it from a wig salon (40 years in business) in Dallas, Texas; Mimi’s Wig Boutique.
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