• Mane
    I’ve worn a Follea hairpiece for 4 years (my first and only experience). They look great for 2+ years but to get their new natural scalp part look is very expensive and I wish I knew of other European hair or synthetic options. I don’t even know how long a top-of-the-line synthetic hairpiece of long hair (14-15”) would last. Have you found a natural scalp part look with long hair option in synthetic you like? (I still wear only a topper for my very thinned out hair.) Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  • BeatA
    synthetic long hair generally tangles pretty quickly and you won’t get the usual 6 month out of a long hair synthetic wig imo.
    For longer hair I would ( and have) switched to human hair.
    There are several options: madisonwigsboutique dot com. Debrasenchanctedwigs dot com, Eleanor Lucci, the Hairmama just to name a few. If you join the Hairloss sister group on Facebook you can also join the hairloss sisters buy sell trade group and people are offering both synthetic and human hair preowned wigs. You might get a good deal on a human hair wig there or on eBay to see if human hair is for you.
  • Mane
    Thanks for reply! Don’t want to be on Facebook & sometimes that means I miss good groups like this. Have you heard of Serenity or Highline hh wigs? Both said to use Brazilian hair which I understand is 2nd only to European. Currently have Follea but really can’t afford their 3,000+ price tag. (Poor customer service too). Thanks again!
  • xiola
    Do most wigs only last 6 months?
  • BeatA
    I have heard of Highline they seem to be very good. Have not hear of the other.
    I have a Brazilian hair wig from the hairmama. And while it looks fantastic I am no crazy about the hair. But I suppose there can be higher quality Brazilian as well. I prefer premium Mongolian hair. It holds a style very well. Curls last a long time. I have one Madisonwigs piece and it’s amazing.
    She also sells Toppers and they are quite affordable. You can message Shannon through her website too. I can highly recommend her.
  • BeatA
    the synthetic ones yes. Human hair can last several years with a good wig and good care.
    As for the synthetics, the long hair ones get tangled very quickly. The short hair ones seem to last a bit longer because they don’t tangle as much.
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