• bfebara
    I am getting my first heat defiant wig. I loved the style and the price was right. I have watched videos on You Tube on how to take care of heat defiant wigs. I am afraid it will fray easy. I really dont want to change the style at all. What would happen if I dont use heat on it at all? Do I really have to use heat on it once a week? What are some lower priced heat thermal sprays that I can use? ( the Jon Renau seems really expensive) Thank you in advance.
  • Lostfrog
    The heat defiant fiber gives you the option to restyle if you want but you don't have to use any heat on it at all if you don't want to. It's your choice.
  • animallover
    My everyday wig is heat defiant. I own 3 of the same ones. I have never ever used heat on them. I hardly have the time to spray conditioner on them at night, like hardly ever. I wear them on the motorcycle, snowmobile,hiking, jeeping, etc....the only one that shows frizz is the one I have worn on the motorcycle without a helmet, just a bandanna and that took over a year to show.
  • Vee1028
    I know thart Jon Rensu has recommended the use of heat on their HD fibers to keep them looking and feeling nice. I have only once had to use heat on mine and thst was on RW Editor's Pick after several wears. It was kind of fun and did make it look like new again! Short wigs won't need so much attention usually.
  • Jayne
    I have HD in Rachel Welch & Renau. One of my Welch wigs became frizzy-fried looking without me applying any heat (that I can remember)...it is a low density wig. The others are not low density & okay after 9 months of occasional wearing...some have had the curling iron, some not. There doesn't seem to be any magic formula for longevity. Friction seems to be the "big enemy" more than anything! :death:
  • xiola
    Is heat defiant and heat tolerant/friendly the same thing?
  • Jayne
    it should, but I think it depends on the manufacturer. Always read the description. If it's not clear or doesn't give maximum temperature, you could email-call to be certain.
  • btrflygal7
    I own a lot of hair do wigs and maybe once tried to heat style one but never really use it. If you are happy with the style it came with i don't think you have to. Sometimes i use styling products but i think they are lasting longer because I'm not using heat on them.
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