• kdb
    I recently paid over $750 for two wigs from Wilshire Wigs in CA. They did not have the products and refused to refund my money. For three months this company lied to me promising my refund. Please do not ever use this company, WILSHIRE WIGS
  • Jayne
    sorry you had this experience. I check out online reviews, BBB, the company's business license page that shows the company's annual income, employees and years in business. I look on google maps for photos of locations. Not only are they taking personal financial info from people, but wigs are expensive.
  • Jayne
    so sorry you experienced this ripoff company. I have only ordered from Wigs.com or NameBrandWigs.com because they are reputable companies. I know there are a few others, but before I order, I check LOTS of online reviews, BBB, even the business page that shows number of employees, photo of location, etc. Wigs are $$$.
  • Gretabern
    So sorry. I had a similar experience when they emailed that the Amore Tatum wig I ordered was out of stock. I called up the company after waiting six weeks for the back order. The girl on the phone yelled at me and said they are a small company and I cannot expect them to post out of stock on their website. I had to eventually order the Tatum wig in another color that is not the best color. I will never give them any more business
  • Nikilet
    Has anyone reading here ever ordered from Godiva's Secret Wigs? I became interested because they carry large size wigs and because of a couple of styles they have and which I can't seem to find in any other brand. Ava is my first choice, and Dawn is a second choice. I would really appreciate knowing anything about this company. Thank you.
  • Trish
    They are a good company , have ordered from them a long time ago wish they had a store location near me, live there videos.
  • Lolls
    You need to file a complaint with the Attorney General's (AG) office. That will get the company's attention as the AG will pursue it and take legal action, if necessary.
  • dc21
    Godiva's white labels wigs from a lot of brands. I am not sure if they have their own exclusive designs. If you aren't visiting their store personally for their services, I wouldn't be paying full retail price for a synthetic online. I have heard good things about their in-store customer service though.
  • Youngatheart
    I have been doing business with this company for a few years and never had a problem, UNTIL last week! Placed an order on January 1st., they charged my credit card on the first and as of today I have not received my order. Four phone calls and no one can track it. This is the end with Wilshire. Good thing we have Wigs.com.
  • kdb
    They were so terrible and every person I talked to lied to me. I had to file a report with my credit card to get my money back. I will only shop at Wigs.com
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