• Jayne
    I am thinking about a Human Hair wig or maybe a HH topper, but two Qs I haven't seen:
    1. Do they dry as quickly as synthetics?
    2. Do the colors fade? Like if I buy a HH Renau in Palm Springs Blonde how long will it keep its color? Thx for any advice before I consider spending the $$$.
  • dc21
    The color in human hair oxidizes and fades. Eventually, they have to be recolored. You may need to use toner on the blondes occasionally. Sun exposure can definitely affect the color as well. They can dry out. There are many variables when purchasing HH. I have been contemplating it as well, but I am in no hurry.
  • Jayne
    thank you for confirming what I thought. I wonder why no wig wearer has mentioned this important fact (to my knowledge)? The idea of the believability and feel of HH is so tempting, but...not knowing how the wig or topper hair will take color is a bit scary...especially considering the cost of the piece!
  • Klavisha
    When you asked if HH wigs dry as quickly as synthetic, did you mean air-dry following a wash or if the fibers become dried out and stiff like synthetics do eventually? I have both synthetic and HH, and at least for my wigs the synthetics air-dry following washing noticeably faster than HH. I think it is because synthetic fibers are not porous like human hair is, so don't absorb the water like HH does.
  • Jayne
    I meant dry time after a shampoo. :smile: My synthetic wigs/toppers dry very quickly but I didn't know if HH would dry over night, for example. I am still so tempted, but my preference like Renau's Shaded Praline blonde or Welch’s Shaded Biscuit would be tricky to replicate once the color fades. :cry: The HH seems soooo soft and that they would look good longer (except the color issue). Thanks for the info!
  • Klavisha
    HH might dry overnight, depending on the density of the hair. Of course it also matters how well the cap dries. My HH wigs are fairly short, but have a lot of hair, so I would wash them fairly early in the day if I wanted to wear them the next morning. Human hair is lovely and soft! Still, HH wigs require more work to keep them styled than synthetics do. I save mine for special occasions and wear my synthetics most of the time. I haven't had my HH's long enough to know how the colors (mine are brunettes) will last.
  • Ann41m
    Does anyone know where to purchase HH wigs besides Wigs.com ? And who might have a large selection of blonde colors? Also, how long does it take to touch up a blonde dye job on HH?
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