• Youngatheart
    Hi All,

    Has anyone ordered a wig & then ordered a second wig, same style except a different color & found it so different from the first wig in the length of hair fibers that it almost doesn't seem like the same wig.

    I purchased Destiny from a salon then ordered another on line & there is a noticeable difference in both. The are both 100% hand tied, could that be the reason?

  • linda
    Yes it has happened to me 3-4 times. And there's a video for that:)
    My most recent experience is with the Charlotte by TresAllure. I ordered # 3 and, while there were differences between the first two, the third was completely different. I discussed it with the company and they stated the "Standard Line." View Video for "Standard Line." I just would like to know why we "the customer" are charged for what really amounts to the company's lack of standards.
  • Youngatheart
    Thank you, now I know it is not only one brand that is inconsistent. Just when you find the " right one" & want a few more of the same, good chance they won't be exactly as the first one.
  • judypg
    I have been wearing Megan by Noriko. I recently bought a second one, and alternate them. The new one is not as full as the original one. Practically every time I wear it, I'm asked if I had a hair cut. So it's not just my imagination.
  • Youngatheart
    I have 2 Destiny by envy. They are so different that they don't even look like the same wig. First one has longer hair fibers, which I like & the second is short & curly. Guess I will just have to order another hoping it has long fibers like the first.
  • Trish
    I have 4 sarah wigs by J.R. and all are a bit different the 3rd one I had the lace ripped completely off, I love this wig but why can they not be consistant? They cost too much for them to have this happen.
  • btrflygal7
    Yes I noticed this with some hairdo wigs I have.
  • alicexm
    I have multiples from Envy and Jon Reneau and have not had this problem. I have Chelsea in two colors but JR Elle in the same and haven’t noticed any quality or style differences. I must be lucky.
  • linda
    Yes you are. It gives me hope:) I just received two new replacements of the Charlotte by TresAllure and Rae, Rene of Paris.
    I'll keep ya all posted.
  • Diana
    I have had the same thing happen to Raquel Welsh “Down Time”. I have ordered 4 of the same wigs, same color. The last one is real thin at the bottom. When I wear it...it separates. With this wig being in the $400.00 range is way to expensive to do this. It looks like I have thin hair at the bottom. I have only worn it 3 times.
  • Jayne
    I agree that "quality control" is too, too lax. Manufacturers blame the fact these wigs are "hand made," but every shirt, pair of jeans, suit, necktie, etc. are too & yet if you buy 50 shirts from the same manufacturer in the same size, style and color, they will be identical. People use machines to sew shirts and people use machines to sew 90% (?) of wig caps. We should hold the manufactures accountable with honest influencers and vote with our money.
  • Youngatheart
    Thanks Jayne, perfect analogy. Well, now I know this problem occurs in many different manufacturers.
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