• PhyllisB
    Has anyone ever had occasion to test a heat-friendly wig with a blast of oven heat? I'm hosting a get together over the holidays and debating whether to serve anything that involves an oven. I have a Gabor heat-friendly wig and just wonder if I would be able to take something out of a 350 degree oven without my hair melting. LOL
  • Jessica Taylor
    Hi Phyllis. I have a Gabor heat friendly wig that I fringed when I stuck my face too close to the oven while absentmindedly opening the door while on the broil setting
    Since that fateful day I now pull the door wide open from the side when opening and count to five before going to the front to get what I need. Since then I have had no problems. Good luck and happy holidays!
  • Gretabern
    I have never worn a heat resistant wig but I do a lot of cooking and also learned my lesson when I once singed my wig opening a hot oven. So now I always stand to the side and haven’t had a problem. Never open the oven door from the front.
  • linda
    I’ve learned the oven/stove top lesson as well as opening a washer and dryer door.
    Also (depending on the situation) I clue a friend or my hubby in to “help” with the heavy lifting:)
  • PhyllisB
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I singed the very first wig I ever bought when I opened the oven door to take out a pizza. LOL It wasn't a heat-friendly and I had just switched from wearing a human hair integration piece to a synthetic wig and never even gave it a thought. Now I usually just ask someone else to take the item out for me; I'm just not sure it will be possible in this upcoming setting so I'm exploring my options.
  • Jnc
    I opened the oven and singed my bangs. I finally had to trim that part. I now am very careful opening the oven. I stand to the side and let the heat out first. When I'm putting something in, I block the heat with the pan I'm putting in. So far so good. :)
  • Goldilocks Bare
    When I do heavy cooking I just use a hair wrap to hold all my hair out of the way & under cover (I wear long/human/HR/reg synth, sometimes even all at once). It's the same satin wrap I'll use if I bond and sleep in my hair (which I don't recommend unless you're prepared to frequently replace hair, although I've keep some pieces on life support for years now).

    At 350, you can lose some curl on the ends of regular synth with the instant head pop-in. I usually don't broil, but can envision what will happen!

    My HRs have been oven friendly and yet to frizz from cooking,, but like the others said, it's just good to get into the habit of the side-open. There are so many things we didn't have to think about before we started wearing hair!
  • BellaMom
    Oh goodness. I came here and joined to search just this thing.

    I'm a bit glad to see I'm not the only one. I just started wearing a wig because the baby fine thin curse of my life has gotten worse as I approach 60.

    I haven't gone out in public yet, just wearing it all day at home for now; but my first day, first new wig, I took pizza out and while sitting watching a movie with hubby I felt the ends near my temple and it felt rough - went and looked and sure enough, singed the cute flip ends of my new bob. :cry:

    After a bit of trim the singed part is gone and it's actually cuter now but wow, this was discouraging.

    Summer camping will be...interesting. :grimace: :fire:
  • dc21
    As your wig collection grows, you can relegate some of your older wigs for exercise, yard work status, camping, etc to save on your newer ones you want to wear to work, church, etc. When you open the oven, stand to the side and let the hot blast of air come out, then proceed to take your food out. The problem comes when you forget you are wearing a wig because it has become so comfortable! You will be fine camping this summer! Wear a hat or bandana when cooking, or get a heat friendly wig. I am not a fan of heat friendly wigs myself. If you are worried about outdoor grills or bonfires, it may be an option for you to consider.
  • A7X
    Yes, agree - I now have some "around the house wigs" as well as "go to work" wigs. I also know to stand off to the side when opening the oven thanks to the folks here!

    BellaMom, I'm right there with you. Menopause thinned out my already thin and crappy hair, but the wig is a great option for me. I actually think I look way better with it!
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