• jan
    Hello. I'm new to the wig world. My hair has been breaking and falling out in excessive amounts over the past month, so I decided to purchase a wig. I bought a human hair one from a wig shop, which also styled it for me. But when I got it home, I noticed an odor - like a "wet dog" odor. Is this normal for a new human hair wig? When I called the shop, they told me they had washed it - but they'd wash it again if I brought it back in today. .. Is this normal for a human hair wig? I'm concerned this smell will return even if they wash it again. Since I spent a lot of money on it ($1,700), I'm really worried. The odor is so strong that I can smell it all through my apartment right now. Please help. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • alicexm
    I wear synthetics and synthetic / HH blends and have no experience with full HH wigs. That said, “wet dog” is not an aroma I associate with clean hair of any kind. I would take it back to the shop and let them inspect and determine what needs to be done. If this is a reputable business they will make it right. If they don’t, I think contact with the Better Business Bureau is in order.

    Amazon has activated charcoal filters that can be used to absorb and remove odors which also may work. But you paid a substantial amount of money for the wig and they need the chance to make it right.
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