• Bera Brown
    Omg!! I love this unit! This was my first time ever purchasing a wig and I'm amazed at how beautiful the hair is. There's no shedding I asked for a more deep red color and a large cap and they made me one. The company kept communication at 110%. I will definitely be using them for future purchases.
  • Gretabern
    Is this a custom made wig????
  • alicexm
    Can you post a picture?
  • greenebo
    Question for all you seasoned wig wearers....I have purchased I don't know how many Upstage RW which by the way tangles like crazy after only a few wearings..#1.Looking for a new shorter version in likeness of the Shaded Hazelnut???Any suggestions at least for color???
    #2 I have purchased many wigs from a certain company starts with a C ends with a g...and every time no matter if I return or exchange charge me a restocking/fee for either one..Just does not seem right. I can't afford $50/$60 return/exchange fee every time. This time I returned the Upstage because it had a chemical smell and also bad glue job on the left side. Of course Cwigs said it was not defective...What company do you all use that does not charge these high,, crazy kind of fees?
  • Sari S
    I'm not an expert but have found that heat resistant wigs tangle easily therefore I won't spend my money on them, Only regular synthetics for me now. I've been wearing wigs for 2 years and wear Jon Renau and Rene of Paris mostly. Love my January for the waves and it holds up after repeated washes. For straighter styles, Kristin also by Jon Renau. Others I like are Kai, and Rae (shorter waves) both ROP. Tress Allure Khloe is nice and durable but a straight style. Another wavy style is the Ellen Wille Girl Mono.
    I've purchased most of my wigs (15 or so) from the company you mentioned, C...wigs, never had a problem. Small company known for excellent customer service. I've only returned two, both for color issues. One was my fault another they sent out wrong shade. Return policy may have been changed due many returns. I was not charged return fee but that was almost year ago.
    January is still my favorite! Finally found the one.
    Hopefully you'll get more recommendations from others about style and colors that may suit you. Good luck finding the "one"
  • Lolls
    I had the same experience with that company and will not deal with them any longer. I've learned to read each company's policies very carefully and I also check them out on ScamAdvisor.com and Fakespot.com.
  • Lolls
    I have not heard of Alipearl. It would be helpful if you would post a picture of yourself wearing the wig from Alipearl.
  • Darren - Wigs.com Team
    Just in case you didn't know, wigs.com does not charge restocking fees any more, not since September 2019.
  • polkadot222
    Wigs.com is a good company. Gallery of Wigs charges but I think it's a flat rate return and customer service is great.
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