• Happy to ve Retired
    Jane Fonda - I think in her 80's - shows up with gray hair at the Oscars. She had been more of a "dirty blond" prior to that. I personally think that Jane Fonda would look great wearing a mop on her head - of any color. However - the gray made a huge difference in her look. Honestly, if I did not know her face, a person wearing those two hair styles could easily be passed off as different people. It made that much difference in her looks. And, I would also likely guess the grayed haired lady to be older - not that this is a bad thing.

    Color is the thing that seems to make the most difference in a wig - more so than style. I am considering making the switch at some point although I would want to wear out all of my wigs first. Curious to hear if anyone else is thinking about this. I currently wear 12fs8 and I do think this color works with "older" faces as well. As my skin "washes out" a bit, a lighter color seems to look better - but gray may actually have more depth.

    While I want to look good for other people, I primarily buy wigs that make me feel good about myself. I wonder how I will feel seeing myself in a silver wig.
  • Jnc
    I have to wear a wig as I'm bald up front. I just turned 71 and have been wearing blond wigs. I would like to find one that has more grey in it. I don't want to be totally grey as the biohair I have isn't all grey. I need a salt and pepper one. One of these days I'm going to wig store to find the right color. It's hard finding it here online. I'm not sure I would like a silver wig, but I just might try one on when I go looking.
  • dc21
    When we age, our roots are expected to be white. Going blonde is an obvious choice as it brightens our face and takes a few years off. We have all seen older people who dye their hair jet black or dark brown from their younger years and it ages them and looks ridiculous. I think an advantage of getting older is that with age and white roots, a lot of women can wear unrooted darker blondes or blondes without the harsh rooting and obvious knots in the lace front. Some of the grays can be overly shiny in synthetics like the blondes, that can be remedied I guess. I have seen quite a few younger women on Instagram wearing JR's Martini as an ash blonde alternative, even though it is gray.
  • animallover
    Yes! About the white roots. I am hesitating on trying silversunrt8 Estetica because of the dark root...but really like the color and am curious on how it would look on me. Would it look natural??
    Right before I started wearing wigs I let my natural brunette hair go gray, it was about 50-50 at the time. I got a lot of compliments on it......yet when I looked in the mirror I felt "old". So back to coloring it....than wigs.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    Well - I ordered one this morning just to try the color. It was an inexpensive wig from Paula Young combined with a sale and free shipping. A different style for me as well. Calla in silver scarlett. It appears rooted and also - not sure if it is heat defiant which i normally prefer due to texture. But, for some reason I was drawn for that - and I was quite taken with one of the pics of actual clients wearing it in the reviews. So - I will give it a go as a possible - wear around the house wig or wear hiking.

    I really think grey and silver have a lot to do with your overall style - and I am not sure I am "hip" enough to pull off being grey - if that makes any sense. For example - I see people with long curly grey hair and they are fit and regardless of age, just carry themselves in a hip way. Then there are the greys that are more "set" and people just look frumpy - if that makes any sense. The blond can also be frumpy - but tends to be less so. Something about grey and not carrying yourself with confidence and being "hip" makes you look like you have just given up. Blond makes it look like you give a darn. At least that is my feeling when I see someone.

    So - Jane Fonda - well no one will think she has given up on herself. But me in a grey wig - not so sure.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I think i actually artsy instead of hip. I dont look artsy in grey but i am still considering a beachy wave in white:) a completely different look for me. Just not sure i could pull it off.
  • Larry
    Even though I'm 55, the color of my newest wig is soft pewter with dark roots. I wasn't sure if I was old enough to make it work for me. My stylist reminded me that a lot of people start to go grey in their 30s, and she said that it would look good on me.

    So I tried it. . . loved how it looked after my stylist trimmed it up for me . . . and the positive feedback I got from the people in my life was over whelming. I've gotten more compliments with this new wig, than any wig I've ever owned. I think I understand what they mean when they say gray is the new blonde (lol). Don't forget, we're talking about wigs, so if you don't like what you see, just take it off. :wink:

    God bless,

  • polkadot222
    I love the grey wigs with dark roots but I would never wear them, sadly. I try to pass off wigs as my biohair and I know nobody would believe I have grey hair and dark roots at my age. At my age, it would be the other way around, LOL.
  • goldcapp
    Eva Gabor has a very nice color in "sun-kissed beige" It is a very light (almost white) blonde/beige and very attractive in their wig "Soft and Subtle" and/or "Sheer Radiance". I get many compliments on the color and styles.
  • linda
    Hello Happy to ve Retired, , have you received your new Paula Young wig?? Do you know much about Jacquelyn Smith's line of wigs?
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I got it yesterday. I must say I far prefer the JR brand for texture and quality - but it is more expensive. I actually don't hate the color on me - but I think it is instant aging and my husband made a similar comment. The style is very choppy - but it is sufficient for trying out grey wigs. I don't think I will make the change at this point - but perhaps in a couple of years. I am keeping the wig - not that I have much choice - just to put on a grey one form time to time so see what I think. I have a strong preference for heat friendly and this is not one of those. However, I did feel that I could tolerate the shine on this one compared with synthetic from JR - but that could just be the color.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    In this time of seclusion, I am watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Her hair is fabulous. So, I googled some pictures of her with her new haircut and her new color. She looks like a completely different person. I have come to the conclusion that gray/silver look is not for me at this time. One of the looks on Grace and Frankie loos like the color shaded biscuit. It is amazing to me how much different people look in different hair. Not much else to do these days.
  • animallover
    Hope you are doing well at this difficult time.... I had to google to see what you were mentioning. I agree totally. When I googled Jane Fonda I saw her with Sharon Osbourne...wow, I didn't realize that Sharon O had stopped coloring her vibrant red hair and let it go grey. She looks so different as well. I would really love to wear a grey but when I look at what I call my underneath hair that is grey/white, I just look so washed out and tired, so I guess psychologically I am not quite there yet!
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