• Lolls
    Over the past 20+ years, I've tried many wig shampoos, however, I have never found one that removes buildup residue from hairsprays, gel, etc. While shampooing my wigs, It feels that the residue is gone but when they dry they are stiff in the areas I use product. I would appreciate recommendations for a good synthetic wig shampoo that will remove product. Thank-you in advance.
  • linda
    I too would appreciate input on this. I didn't think about product residue, because I use very little and only in front. But this is where I experience stiffness, and fuzzes.
    I would also appreciate recommendations for a wig shampoo and hairspray.
    Ive used Jon Renau and BeautyMark. Both are very sticky.
  • polkadot222
    Suave clarifying shampoo works well as does.....(get this.....) unscented liquid laundry detergent.

    Remember, synthetic wigs are plastic. I've been using both for years without an issue, recommended to me by other wig wearers. All I do is put a tablespoon or 2 into a large bowl of water and soak for 20 minutes then rinse and condition.
  • CJK
    If I have a wig with a lot of product in it, I give it a baking soda *or* white vinegar bath/soak before washing depending on what it needs. I use about 1/4 cup in a basin of not quite luke warm water. I then wash/condition as usual. Currently using Belle Madam but soon to try the Estetica range which has been highly reviewed.
  • dc21
    I have used everything from "wig" shampoo, ammonia, vinegar, Woolite, fabric softener, to regular shampoo. I currently use Suave Clarifying because it gets the buildup of It Stays and Got2B glue off the lace just as good as anything else, plus Suave has the benefit of being inexpensive and easily put on my grocery list. I soak with Suave Clarifying in cool water for at least 15 minutes, usually longer as I forget, then rinse and hang to dry. I no longer do a separate condition soak, I am too lazy and I don't notice a difference anyway. I spray the nape with Simply Styling or Envy Renu and Repair after it dries. Suave Clarifying seems to work for me to take out product, but a little ammonia, or the vinegar and baking soda as suggested, will also work.
  • Lolls
    Thanks for all your recommendations and I look forward to trying them!
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