• cstamper
    I have a hand tied short wig on order (Tucson by Dream USA). I'm fairly new to wigs but I already have two! Anyway, I have sewn clips to the wefts and nape on my other two, but they are mono tops with extended napes. I use nothing else to secure these wigs and they work great.
    I am wondering if I will be able to sew clips onto this new one that has a full hand tied top? is there danger of damaging the monofilament? I would like to place 3 clips, one on each side of the top of the head and one at the nape. The nape is not extended. Any advice will be appreciated, thank you!
  • dc21
    I wear an all-handtied JR daily. I just glue the lace down, nothing else. Have you tried wearing a wig grip? The clips would have to be very small because there is only a small area that runs around the inside perimeter of the cap to attach them. I cut a hole in my handtied cap once and sewed it up with a dart type stitching. I honestly can't answer if it is durable enough to sew a clip on to the handtied mesh portion.
  • cstamper
    I do have some glue so i may have to use that. I have tried different brands of wig grips and they all feel too tight on my head (yes, I"m putting them on correctly, and loosening my wig slightly--they make me claustrophobic LOL I would hate to tear the mesh so I will just have to evaluate things when I get my wig. It's coming from CA so not sure when they will be able to ship. Thanks for your answer--glue may be the only solution for me.
  • ccwgmstrmp
    A hand tied wig with wefts? Did you ever consider contacting an expert wig maker... If so, here I AM.
  • Taylor75
    Yes you can do that, I have in the past with a hand tied. I also used transparent thread. I found that sewing an elastic band from ear to ear works better, to secure the wig. Also wearing wig clips can cause hair loss. I stopped using them because of hair loss.
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