• A7X
    So here's something interesting - I've been working from home (very lucky, I know) since my state shut down mid March. Tons of video calls since then and all the women are lamenting the state of their hair since hair salons have been closed.

    People are now wondering why my hair still looks great and I'm not "out" at work, so I have said (this part is the truth) that my neighbor's daughter Kayla works in one of Baltimore's best salons. This part is not the truth: I said I paid her to cut and color my hair on my deck - so in the open air, we wouldn't catch anything.

    Anyone else having this dilemma? I have also been questioned on nails, eyebrows etc but I have always done those myself (and I'm very good at it) so that hasn't been a problem.
  • linda
    I started to reply and then was distracted and didn’t finish my thought. Which most likely wont help you, but here it is.
    Yes I do have a similar experiences. When comments or compliments are given I say thank you, and move on. I truly feel I don’t owe anyone personal information. Especially rude people.
  • animallover
    Sometimes I wonder if the people I see often think about how my hair is always perfect, never needing a touch-up or roots colored, etc...no one ever says anything but most of them are men and they probably don't even pay enough attention or give it a second thought. Your comments reminded me of something I read awhile back, don't know if it was on here or not, a teacher commented on how a female student, a young student, asked her if she was wearing a wig because her hair always looked so perfect and the same every single day. I worry about that because a wig actually does look perfect every single day.
    I am getting better at my wig self-esteem issue but still have a ways to go. It must be that long held stigma of wig wearing that I struggle with, I guess. Deep down I don't really care what people think but still have hurt once in a great while when I catch someone staring and have that look on their face like they know it is a wig or at least suspect it is.
  • Tav
    I don't know if I have anything of worth to add, but I'll try. I've started watching YouTube wig reviews. Taz seems to be the main one that uses hair accessories to change up the look of her wigs. Maybe some hair clips could look like you're trying to disguise roots if you like. The next door stylist covers the issue perfectly though.
  • polkadot222
    I wear my old ratty bob wig and pin the sides back with clips and then I mess up my hair. I make sure the wig I'm wearing doesn't have obvious highlights because wig highlights don't grow out.
  • Jnc
    I would just say thanks - it's a wig. :) But of course, I don't care if people know I wear one. I wouldn't say my neighbor who is beautician cut it when they aren't supposed to. I've heard at least here in Washington that they would get a big fine if found out. Maybe that's just a wives tale.
  • linda
    A7X, I truly understand the imposition "well intentioned compliments" can put you in. Especially coming from co-workers. If you feel you must reply create & practice a few comebacks giving only as much info as you want to share. Then you wont worry about being caught off guard next time. And then forgetaboutit:)
  • Jayne
    Recently put a photo of myself on FB (wore Estetica's Finn I made into a topper-3/4 wig). Got loads of compliments & I simply replied "Thank you! The camera hides flaws & roots!" Not judging you, but since 2016 I've never lied. What if they see wefts? I'd rather ppl know than catch me in a lie. Now, I don't always volunteer info. & I am much more comfortable wearing toppers & 3/4 wig than a full-cover wig. I know your dilemma.
  • linda
    Jayne, could you please share how you turn a wig into a topper?
  • Samantha
    I’ve had this same thought, too, as I work with all women, and they seem to have some eagle-eyed radar regarding everyone’s hairstyles! People haven’t commented on my hair, but I attribute that to the grapevine, as I’ve told a few coworkers that I wear a wig, and I assume they’ve told a few coworkers, and so on, and so on (as the old commercial used to go!)

    The only advice I can offer is to say to people what makes you most comfortable at the end of the day. It’s your life, your situation, your comfort level. Go with your gut. You don’t owe a single thing to anyone else, just yourself.
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