• 5headgirl
    I have naturally thin hair so im not used to a lot of hair. Is there a wig brand that makes wigs that are not voluminous for people that are used to thinner hair.
  • Tav
    I responded, but my comments are under review due to suggestions for outside links. They'll show up soon. I have Girl Mono and Night by Ellen Wille which don't have a great deal of hair. You have to over look the picture for Night though (it's hideous). The wig is pretty.
  • alicexm
    Envyhair (the blended HH/synthetic) wigs are not as “bulky” as a full synthetic as they don’t have a lot of permatease and have hand tied caps instead of machine wetting. They are more expensive, but maybe these are more what you are looking for.
  • polkadot222
    Ellen Wille is definitely low density.
  • Jnc
    I have no hair now since I shave it, but before wearing a wig I too was worried about wigs having too much hair. The first week or so it drove me nuts pushing my hair out of my face. Now, I love it and it never bothers me - until I take it off and back to bald head. Wigs are wonderful. They will make you feel good about yourself. Whenever you get one, give yourself a week or so and you will soon grow to love it. You can also go to a hairstylist and she can cut it, but you want to make sure it is someone who isn't afraid of wigs. :)
  • linda
    Jnc, Good advice.
  • Misty
    Agree, Ellen Willie is definitely low density.
  • Tav
    I'm not familiar with all brands, but Ellen Wille has some wigs with less hair. Girl Mono and Night are two that I have with less hair. Girl Mono looks like it has a lot of hair, but it's styled to look that way. My Flair Mono and Movie have quite a bit of hair. Sweet Talk by Gabor has a lot of hair. Upstage and Play it Straight by Raquel both have a fair concentration of hair as well. I just got in Delaney by Envy and it's not super concentrated with fibers. These are wigs I'm familiar with. I will be looking at more cool wigs with summer in the South crashing down on me.

    I suggest going to Patti's Pearls web site and looking at the video of the wig on one of the show room heads spinning. It's a cheap video, but it gives you an idea of the wig out of the box and unstyled. You don't have to buy there, but it gives you a realistic view of what you'd get. Good luck!
  • dc21
    When I first started wearing hair, all hair pieces seemed like too much hair! It can be a shock seeing yourself with a normal head of hair, especially if you have been losing it gradually for years. I thought everything looked wiggy in the beginning. It turns out that pieces I had rejected at first, I just wasn't mentally prepared for at the time. Now, I personally do not like lower density pieces that I did in the beginning. Ellen Wille, as suggested by others, is known for lower density styles and petite heads. Gabor has a style called Premium that is a low density bob. Have you thought about toppers? If you do purchase online, carefully read all return policies and fees for returns. For the most part, if you comb it or mess with it, you can't return it.
  • Youngatheart
    Like you, I have struggled to get use to more hair on wigs after years of slowly thinning hair. No wig density would make me feel comfortable, so I purchased thinning scissors, watched videos on how to thin a wig & tried thinning an old wig. Well, it was so easy & the resulted were amazing. Just taking off a little hair makes a big difference. Now I wear my wig with confidence.
  • linda
    Has anyone tried “Movie” by Ellen Wille?
    Is it similar to “Sweet Talk?”
  • Tav
    I have both and Movie has very little in common with ST. It has two long strands of hair in the front surrounded by the curls which are reminiscent of some black and white movie star hair. Tight curls all along the sides and back of the head. Taz compared Fresh Chic to a Straight Talk that had a hair cut. Those both have spirals, but Movie has tight curls. I hope this helps.
  • linda
    It does, sorta Seriously I appreciate your input. Your straight to the point. Have you considered a show:)
    I checked out the Wednesday Ladies. They talk a lot, huh.
    I’ll find Taz’s video.
    Thanks again
  • Tav
    Hey Linda! I went back and looked at the pictures of the model wearing Movie. Thankfully, mine isn't nappy like that... for the most part. I had to cut the long strands into bangs because they didn't make sense with all those curls. It has a serious identity crisis. I can't recommend it, but I'm sure it looks good on the right person.

    The Wednesday Ladies answer questions off of Facebook and YouTube while trying to introduce a new collection or explain things like the color codes from Jon Renau. It's confusing how nearly every wig on the market looks good on Misty. Swap it out with Kim and we darned near have a situation.

    Thanks for the compliment, but I would not do well with my own show.
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