• 5headgirl
    I Went to a wig shop everything had permatease
    Nothing resembled JR even though she said they were scattered about. Nothing even resembled RW none of the wigs that I see on line and this place was reputable. I asked wheres the JRs she said they only have numbers on their wigs to identify them
  • dc21
    A lot of brick and mortar wig stores, but not all, will not tell you the name or color. They don't want you coming in to try it on and then going online to purchase it cheaper. I personally did not like my wig store experience in my area. One in my area even charges above retail for a synthetic wig. I would never pay those prices for plastic hair. I do believe that good service is worth a nice tip though. You may have to travel a ways to find a good wig shop where you feel comfortable, or take your chances online. It can be a learning curve. Remember, you don't just have to go to a wig shop to have them cut either. Maybe if you identify a major city near you, some people can make suggestions if they know a good wig shop.
  • 5headgirl
    Im in the Evansville IN area and their is just one wig shop? My hair has always been thin but it has gotten worse with health problems.
  • Tav
    I watched a video yesterday about cap construction. Tthe hand tied wigs have no permatease. They are more expensive due to approximately 80 hours spent making each wig. The cap is also tighter. I hope this helps some.
  • linda
    Cysterwigs and Taz have videos about permatease. Both are insightful and have helped me to be more comfortable wearing wigs with permatease.
    Remember the days when we "ratted" our hair. Well there is a way to hide that pesky nest look while still maintaining the integrity of design and style.
  • Tav
    I got hooked on Wig Talk Wednesday with two women out of Dallas. At first, I thought they're crazy sitting at a table swapping wigs but they grew on me. One is an ex beautician and the other's mother owned the shop before she bought it. Their face shapes vary and you get a feel for how different wigs look on different people. They also share knowledge from personal experience.
  • linda
    Thanks Tav! I’ll check it out.
  • animallover
    So I checked it out and now I'm hooked too......they grew on me! I really like the interaction between the two and I really, really like the wig comparisons and how different they look on each other. The bad thing is that they "talked" me into wigs that I otherwise might not have bought. The latest being, arriving next week, is Jett by Estetica...............sooooooooooooo very different than the Fresh Chic by Gabor I just received a couple of weeks ago, different styles AND different colors totally! Thanks Tav for mentioning them!
  • Tav
    Thanks for giving them a chance. They throw knowledge around which I've tried to apply in my wig journey. Misty has some other worldly gift of looking great in just about every wig known. Between the two of them, they've taken me down different paths and brought some surprising winners into my wig wardrobe. I'm currently waiting for Dylan by Tony of Beverly in Bamboo to come in after seeing it on Misty. This means eyeing every UPS truck with suspicion. You've got my Dylan, now give it!!!! Put the box down and slowly walk away. I really am normal most er, some of the time.
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