• Joelle123
    Hi all,

    I joined this forum a year ago because I have androgenic alopecia, bought 3 wigs but never worn them again after I got a rude comment the first day, from a stranger. Also my kids hate the wigs.. My hair is full of toppik, root concealer, products, only to make it less thin while I wear it in a tiny bun.
    Now I have bought Julianne. But it's so bulky on top, it looks like there's an egg under it. How can I get her flat? The salon I bought it does not want to modify/restyle it.
    Is there a trick?
  • dc21
    A negative comment can be so discouraging, but try not to let it dissuade you from wearing hair. I love JR Julianne, and you can't beat handtied. I always wash my wigs before I wear them for the first time. It cuts the shine and helps to relax the style and make it look more natural in my opinion. I always wear wavy styles, mostly JR. Also, wigs will settle with wear and age. Wear it around the house for a few days to give yourself time to adjust to seeing yourself in it. It will start to settle some as well. After that, you can take it to a hairdresser to have it thinned or add some light face framing layers to customize it for your face shape. It doesn't have to be done by a wig shop. There are hairdressers that will do them. I had to ask around for awhile before I found someone. I have also used steam on the crown of some of my styles as well to get the look I wanted from a side profile. Some people will leave their wig to sit on a wig head for a few days or more to get the hair to settle as well. Good luck!
  • Tav
    I'm so sorry to hear about the rude galoot that crossed your path. They will always be out there to enlighten us with their opinion. Your kids just need to adapt to you in a wig. They are used to you a certain way and rarely like changes. Don't take it to heart, they love you as you are.

    I don't have Julianne personally, but I always check wigs.com on that particular wig because it shows the colors on wig heads instead of a swatch for most of Jon Renau colors. I have two Januarys with a third on the way. It's shorter than Julianne, but a fun and well designed style. I mostly got snide remarks on my wigs until January. Maybe it suits my face, I don't know.

    I've purchased thinning shears for my wigs in case of excessive style or unusually high amounts of perma tease. I haven't been brave enough to go at any of my wigs, but I did thin some bangs I'd cut into my Parker. It was satisfying and the wig looked better afterwards.

    As dc21 said, there are salons that will style your wig to suit your tastes and needs. You've got a beautiful new head of hair, wear it proudly. Best wishes to you.
  • Jnc
    My kids didn't like mine for a bit because they were so used to seeing me with almost no hair for years. I just ignore them. I think if a friend or stranger said anything I'd whip it off and say - is this better? :) Probably not really. I bought my first wig at a wig store so I able to try them on. When I tried the one I bought on I cried. I couldn't believe I'd gone all those years trying to get my balding hair to look half way decent. I look at pictures of my daughters wedding any cringe! Why hadn't I thought about a wig before. I would say to just wear it. Wash it. It might smash down a bit too. Be sure you get it sitting on your head correctly. Don't wear to far down your face or it will look like a wig. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I just pop one on and later look at myself and go - whoa! Stop and do that over. If you are like me, my hair had been short for years because it was so thin I couldn't wear it longer. At first I shocked myself when I looked in the mirror, but I wouldn't leave home without it. I love my 4 wigs. 2 are the same with different colors and the other 2 different. They are all bobs which I love. I buy straight wigs as I never had curly hair. Someday when the pandemic is over I'm going to go to a shop and try one that is wavy or curly. Until then, I'll stick to my straight bobs. Just go for it. It's for you - not them.
  • linda
    Well said Jnc!
    I will keep this one asa reminder when I think everyone's opinions matter more than mine:)
  • Taylor75
    @Joelle123 Julianne has some permatease at the top, if you don’t want to thin it out you can you a clothes steamer with a brush to flatten it out. I really don’t care for JR wavy styles because too that.
  • Misty
    Hi Joelle 123, some people are cruel, that is on them, please do not take comments like that to heart.

    Both you and your kids have gotten used to seeing your hair thin, probably over a period of time. To suddenly have a full "head" of hair again will be different and surprising, it will take a moment or two or longer to get used to looking in the mirror and seeing a new you.

    I have been wearing wigs for 30 + years, as I have hair loss as well. I always wash my "new" hair before I wear it and let it drip dry, and sometimes I even wash it twice if I think the top isn't sitting properly, it is too shiny, or is too poofy. I wear Jon Renau Zara or Kaia which are both longer styles. Sadly, not every hairdresser can cut wigs, so even though their customer service does not sound great, if you have washed your Julianne and are still not pleased with how it looks, I would personally front up with the wig, put it on, and explain to them why it doesn't feel right, and say you need their help and expertise. They may be able to steam it a little more flat on the top, or thin it slightly.

    Julianne is a lovely looking wig, however I would never be able to wear that style. My hair was always fairly straight, and even though others may say I could pull off a wavy style like that, I would not be comfortable. It has been said when you purchase your first faux hair, to try and buy as close to what your hair used to be like so you feel comfortable, and I did follow that advice myself. Others may well disagree with this.

    I agree with DC21, it would be good to get used to wearing your hair around the house for a few days once it has been washed, until both you and your kids get more used to it.

    At the end of the day, it is what makes you the most confortable and happy that will mean the most.

    Sending hugs to you. :hearts:
  • alicexm
    What age are your kids? If they’re younger, it could definitely be just not used to the difference. The most important thing is how you feel. The “bump” is a symptom of box hair. It’ll ease out with steam or a first wash.
  • Joelle123
    Wow, thank you all for your nice encouraging messages! You all seem wig pro's to me! So good to read all these posts! I'm going to wash my Julianne and if the bump's still there I've found a shop that wants to look at it and help me to restyle it.

    Misty: 30 years is a long time!

    The problem is also that I've always had long curly frizzy hair. So Julianne is a completely different style and everyone will notice it immediately.
    My kids are 8 en 11 and with the wig on I look terrible according to them. My parents and sister also say it looks silly..

    I'll probably find a wig my "style" in an afro american wig shop, because the texture of my curls. Might take a look there.
  • Tav
    Don't try to appease anyone . This is your journey, not theirs. This is new to them. Give them time and depending on how stubborn they are, they will come around sooner or later.
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