• FrenchieMom
    Can anyone suggest wig(s) best suited for Florida weather. I am brand new to wigs; so new that I have yet to purchase one! I have thin, fine hair and will be chopping it off pretty darn short when I find something I like. Thanks so much for input!
  • Tav
    I go through the same issues in Louisiana. I pulled a wig out yesterday and although a short wig, it wasn't ventilated well. I grabbed another and it was hot as well. I was starting to run late, so I grabbed my Gabor Sweet Talk and told myself I might as well be happy about it. I've been wearing wigs over two years, so I've adapted to the feel of them. I don't seem to have much trouble with Jon Renau's January or Ellen Wille's Night which looks nothing like the picture. I don't understand why they insist on making some wigs so ugly on the web sites.

    It will take some adapting, but if you can hold off until the temperatures drop a little. Once you've acclimated yourself to wearing wigs, you'll feel more comfortable with them on in the heat. I hope I've helped some, good luck!
  • dc21
    Human Hair wigs react to humidity and can become bushy or frizzy in high humid weather. Florida has high humidity. Synthetic hair doesn't have those issues with humidity. Longer, synthetic styles will bunch at the nape with heat and friction. So if you are active, you may want to pin the hair up or wear shorter styles above the shoulders. Have you considered toppers? Toppers would definitely be cooler than a full wig. If you decide on human hair, I would definitely have a synthetic for backup for certain activities to abuse like sports, chores, etc. Human hair will also oxidize in the sunlight and eventually have to be recolored, whereas synthetic hair doesn't.
    Unfortunately, wearing and buying hair can come with a learning curve that can be expensive. I would try to view as many videos, read reviews, and look at as many customer pics as possible to get an idea of color, cap features, etc. Instagram is a great place to view wig pics too. If you buy online, carefully review return policies before buying like restocking fees for instance. Also, most sites will allow you to try it on only. Do not brush or play with it until you decide to keep it. Playing with the wig will make it unreturnable for many online wig stores. Good luck!
  • alicexm
    I live in south Texas near the coast and have been wearing wigs daily for about 4 years. Since it was “winter” here when I started, by the time it got hot and humid I was used to having a wig on. I find a synthetic with a wefted cap is more weather friendly as it allows some air movement. If I wear a cap under my wig I wear a fishnet instead of woven cap. But mostly I wear a wig grip band (check Amazon for Milano) without a cap. Good luck and keep checking in here. This group has a lot of experience and we want to help each other.
  • Malibu Marge
    I too live in FL and until recently when my hair got worse didn’t wear wigs in Summer. I just got my first topper after letting my hair grow during the pandemic. I don’t even notice it is there! You can buy something in a color you like and then dye your hair the same or something that just works with that color. I just got a silver mix and as soon as I get some whitening shampoo I’ll be set. LOVE IT! Note: a larger piece is usually better, IMO. Also toppers are usually low density so are an easier transition to than wigs.
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