• Ann S
    I am so angry. It is VERY difficult to truly see the wig colors. I know that I could buy each companies wig color samples but that runs into a lot of money.
    So, I am going to make an assumption that we wear wigs because we HAVE to. It seems so unfair that you cannot return wigs that are on sale, or there are high restocking etc. Even if you didn't even take it out of the box! Every other retail lets customers return a sale item, but not us. I am ticked off being stuck w an expensive sale wig (Amore Callie) and the roots look black, not medium blonde. Not fair! (sorry for the rant). But if anyone would like to buy it... It's in LR Mochaccino. Thanks.
  • linda
    Yes, I feel your pain and share in your frustration.
    I have learned to read the fine print, over and over before placing my order.
    However, I call to place my order. I know there are some online companies that do not provide this option. So I wont do business with them.
    Pattis' Pearls, and Wigs.com do have "real life" folks who are very good at helping their customer (that's you and me:) achieve our goal. Which is to simplify the process, and buy a hairpiece that we want to keep Therefore, keep us coming back to buy more.
  • Ann S
    Thank you Linda. I sometimes call too. Should have done it with this wig.
  • Coco
    I was calculating last night how much I have spent or lost in returning wigs; mainly due to the fact that I had received yet another one that is not going to work. I do much due diligence before ever ordering but even after tirelessly reviewing YouTube reviews and reading color descriptions they can not be what you anticipate. I also message the company with color questions but I have found that to be fairly useless as they simply type out the color description that I have already read over 200 times!
  • CJK
    Could be worse - I am in New Zealand, so I can never return a wig, even if defective - it would cost far too much to send back to the US. I rely heavily on YouTubers showing the wig in daylight. Even then, I have to be careful. Winter daylight/summer daylight etc can throw warmth or coolness. I am sure there is a difference in light between the northern and southern hemispheres - Envy's Almond Breeze can have a strong auburn tone here! Also, manufacturers tweak colours/highlighting all the time and a colour that was good can change with the next purchase, even in the same style.
    That is one of the reasons why I will never buy Ellen Wille. Essentially it is just pot luck!
  • Darren - Wigs.com Team
    Message from Carliz, Wigs.com CEO...

    Ann, Thank you for your feedback. We never want to hear about anything we do which makes it harder for our clients to have a positive and pampered experience. Wigs.com does not charge restocking fees and does allow returns on all products (even those purchased on sale) if they are in pristine condition. If you simply took it out of the box to try on using our hygiene safe cap or didn’t take it out of the box at all… this should be easily accepted as a return. We know other companies don’t have the same policies and understand how frustrating this can be. This is exactly the reason we changed our policies a couple of years ago to allow returns and no restocking fees. The only cost you will incur is the shipping. I hope this helps assuage your concerns that no one is on your side with respect to understanding that at times, it takes a try or two to get the perfect style for you. We are! Thank you again for taking the time to let everyone know about your thoughts and experience. It truly does help others.
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