• Diana
    Beautiful Ladies....
    Please Be aware when buying wigs that the wig site is legitimate.
    Last night I got an email from a lady warning me that she thought she was buying a wig from Studio One. A lady named Taz shows videos all of the time on utube showing different styles and brand of wigs. She advertises for Studio One. Someone stole her picture and is contacting people using a fake profile to fraudulently “sell wigs” and stealing money from people. This lady contacted Taz and asked why she hadn’t got her wig yet. She contacted Studio One and found out that she was scammed. So ladies we have to make sure now when we are buying our wigs to make sure that the wig site is legitimate. This is a horrible thing that people do but I think whomever does this realizes just how many of us wig sisters are out there. We stick together. Bless all of you wig sisters.
  • Tav
    Thank you, Diane for warning us. Corruption seems to be increasing every day.
  • Candy D
    Thank for the tip Diana:pray:
  • lsbranham
    I’m 64 and need a NATURAL looking wig. Not human hair because I don’t want to have to style it. I’ve bought 2 wigs (not from here) and both look like Halloween wig. I have a very round face, so not sure what style or lengths work for me any suggestions? Thank you
  • alicexm
    I have found that the scam wig sellers seem to advertise on social media using pirated YouTube videos from legitimate reviewers. With the exception of the reseller sites (“Flip your wig” being one on FB I’m familiar with and have bought wigs from wig sisters) social media is probably not a good source for buying a wig. Early in my wig journey I fell for a “bargain” for a RW wig which looked like a clown wig. Fortunately I had paid with PayPal so did get refunded. In the current environment “Buyer Beware” is more true than ever.
  • kaileeren
    I agree wholeheartedly. Know who you are buying from!!!!! I got scammed a couple of years ago by a company called wigsis. What they do is copy the wigs from reputable sites and sell it from their site for a lot less. There was a $1500 wig I wanted it so badly but I just would not spend that kind of money. I saw it on this wig this site for $300 so I purchased it through PayPal. I won’t even begin to tell you the nightmare. I’ll just some it up by saying after I try to return it and or get my money back from PayPal and American Express I finally gave up and threw the crap in the trash. Of course I did my research after the fact. I looked wigsis up and there were thousands and I mean thousands of reviews of people getting scammed. The worst part of all to me was that PayPal continued to process these Payments despite the fact this was obviously a scamming person in China. I thought of starting a class action suit against PayPal but then decided it just was not worth my energy. I argued with PayPal and American Express for weeks. They would not give me back my money. So all that said absolutely positively know the websites you are purchasing from
  • Tav
    First rule of thumb is catch wigs at 30% off sales. Make sure the site is reputable. Go to a site like Wigs.com and find some styles you're interested in, write them down and then hit YouTube for "Review of_____________". List the wig brand and style. I'll even check colors there. There's a lot of information you can gather there. On Wigs.com they also will sometimes list a wig as being flattering for X, X, X and X facial shapes.

    It might help you to check Wigoutlet.com . The color selection is lacking, but the price makes up for it if you can find a color you like. Wigoutlet is associated with Wigs.com, I believe. I hope that helps
  • Diana
    Hi Kathleen...Wigsis is a big rip off. My first wig I purchased from them was a scam. It was a ratty looking wig. I had a horrible nightmare trying to return it. They would not accept it. Never worn. I just kept it and donated it to a women’s cancer patients that have gone through chemotherapy. Please anyone reading this..please stay away from Wigsis. They are a fraud and they also do fraudulent advertising of wigs they do not sell. I thought I was buying an Iman wig...boy was I fooled. Be aware ladies!!
  • CJK
    Join some of the more reputable Facebook groups. You will find a lot of info there.
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