• VocalEyes
    I'm looking to buy a Plumberry wig. The three brands that sell that color are Noriko, Amore and ROP. I have a petite/average head and am wondering which brand would suit me best. I usually were Ellen Wille but have branched out into Jon Reneau and Raquel Welch. They fit pretty well. However, I've been watching reviews online of Taylor (Noriko) and hear that the ear tabs come down really low. I'm looking at Zion as well. Also, in the Amore line, i hear the lace and monofiliment are scratchy. I tried on a Rene of Paris wig at a store and the cap was way too big. Any suggestions?
  • Tav
    Ellen Wille has a collection called Hair Society that runs small. Noriko is also known to run smaller than other brands. I know you're looking to buy a certain color so I think you'll have luck with Noriko. Later on check out the small or petite wigs other brands carry.
  • Gretabern
    Hi. I only wear Amore wigs. Compared to Renee and Noriko the quality of Amore wigs is way better. They last long and don’t tangle. Personally, I think they are the top of the line and Noriko are the bottom.
  • linda
    Has anyone purchased "Turn" by ellen Wille? Is it part of the Hair Society that Tav mentions above?
    If so. how would you compare it to "Sweet Talk" by Gabor?
    All info is appreciated:)
  • Tav
    I haven't tried that one yet, but I did go off the deep end over Flair Mono by Ellen Wille.
  • linda
    Thanks Tav. I remember you sharing. It’s really cute.
    You mentioned awhile back that you have Sweet Talk, but had not worn it. So have you? If so what is your opinion?
    Im struggling with finding a wig that is both stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day and in to the evening.
    I could go back to toppers but I truly like the look and ease of wigs.
    Oh the horrors.
    It’s kinda like finding the perfect fitting bra, right:)
  • Tav
    Hey Linda, I haven't been wearing Sweet Talk because it's been so obscenely hot. I have a few that seem to breathe better, so they are getting the most wear time right now. I hate that, but it's the south. It's nothing against Sweet Talk. That girl will see the town once it cools a bit. It's running mid 80s around here with extra humidity. Just who ordered that humidity anyway? I run extra hot and have to take medication for it, so don't let that dissuade anyone.

    My Sweet Talk is right next to my January. It's got a more organized curl and is bootiful! I almost wore it yesterday, but will wait for the temperature to drop a little more. Who can say which wig will bring out your prissy inner child, I've got a few that draw out that little girl. I take it to the mirror and show my bio hair then tell it that's how it should look.
  • animallover
    Oh my....I can't even imagine wearing my Sweet Talk in the South with heat and humidity. I live in the NE and have a hard enough time wearing it occasionally in the summer, it feels like I have 14 wool caps on my head! I wear it in the winter months to keep warm :grin:
    I love her though, she's been an old faithful, for sure.
  • linda
    I live on the Central Coast in CA, but inland a few miles. Still it can get hot here, but not like the south. Low humidity.
    Thank you both for your comments.It's always uplifting to hear not only what y'all are wearing, but your sharing your experience and thoughts truly helps me to navigate the other hair world.
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