• kayse
    Any sites where one can purchase small cap lace fronts? My granddaughter and I have small heads so the piece bunches or puffs in the back and alternating is so tedious and time consuming. Also alternating has to be perfect or you can ruin the piece.
  • HairLove
    I’m new but if you want synthetic wigs, I’ve heard the ladies saying consistently that Ellen Wille wigs run very small. I understand they also sell human hair if that’s what you prefer. You could also ask this site’s moderator, as Wigs.com can likely get what you want? Good luck...Btw, how lovely to go wig shopping together w/your granddaughter!
  • Tav
    Noriko also runs small. Raquel Welch has come out with some wigs that have silicone running up the wig between the wefts. I'm sorry, I don't know what it's called. Different brands have popular wigs that come in small as well. Good luck!
  • Klavisha
    Try Jon Renau petites, which you can find on wigs.com . Jon Renau offers both long and short styles with petite caps. All of the JRs I have are 100% handtied caps with full monofilament tops and lace fronts. Have you and your granddaughter measured your heads? For reference, my circumference is 20.5", with my other head measurements well down into the Child size range, and Jon Renau petites fit me pretty well. I can also wear Ellen Wille, particularly their true petites. (Most of their wigs are actually petite/average size.)
  • Trish
    My head is also small jon renau fits me well noriko they have changed there ear tabs are so big hang down on me now so won't wear them wish I could find a smaller cap and synthetic hair that lasts longer.
  • Tav
    What I've heard about wigs and their life span involves styles that don't rub against your clothes (short hair basically) and seek regular fibers. The Heat defiant wigs do not last as long as regular fibers.
  • Elizabeth Wigs com Team
    Hi Kayse!

    The proper size cap goes a long way when it comes to ensuring the most natural look and feel of your wig. We recommend trying the brand Ellen Wille or petite cap construction options. Here's a link for our petite wigs: https://www.wigs.com/collections/wigs/petite

    If you'd like to learn more about a specific product or your options, please feel free to give our WigExperts a call at 800-581-2001 Monday-Friday. Thank you!
  • CJK
    Check out YouTube - there is a really good tutorial by Godiva's Secret Wigs on taking out unneeded wefts.
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