• Elizabeth Wigs com Team
    Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I work with the marketing department at Wigs.com.

    My team and I are starting an inspiring blog series. Blogs where we can connect and empower other women experiencing hair loss.

    Experiencing hair loss can be a difficult journey for women. Our goal is to provide solutions and help women redefine their confidence.  

    If you feel comfortable answering: 

    - What lessons have you learned while dealing with hair loss?

    - What words of advice would you give someone just confronting their hair loss journey?
  • Tav
    I learned that my head got cold in the winter without hair. It was a revelation at the time.

    I had to dig deeper to find my worth without hair. Something causes hair loss to begin with and that's the battle one has to face. Hair does not compare to life so wigs and a sense of humor helped me to face the hair loss easier. No great revelations here, but that's the bare bones of it.

    Words of advice would be to take it easy on yourself. You are not alone. Now you get to play with any type of hair you want. Play with styles and color. Own it and don't feel bad about wearing wigs. You are ultimately doing this for yourself.
  • Debbie
    My loss of hair has limited me my whole life from a young teen. I used to wear falls when I had a bit to clip in. That would be impossible now due to loss of complete no hair at crown. There was no swimming, no camping, no slumber parties.
    I just started wearing wigs from Wigs.com a couple of years ago. This has helped me tremendously. To feel confident and just be brave.
    I appreciate what Tav says when she says to find a sense of humor. I have done that. I have always stayed pretty positive and I will continue to stay positive .
  • alicexm
    My hair loss began in my 20’s following radical neck surgery for malignant melanoma. Due to resultant nerve damage, most of my hair loss was on the right side of my head as a result of nerve damage. I “dealt” for almost 40 years before I finally admitted it wasn’t going to get better.

    Once I faced the truth, I researched and chose a wig that looked most like my natural hair, length, style and color. That made it easier initially to go out in public, especially to the office. The staff at wigs.com have been a great help in expanding and supporting my journey, always ready with tips to make wig wearing more comfortable and secure.

    My advice to a new wig wearer is to try to find a wig shop locally if possible to try on various styles. There’s a big difference in caps - lace fronts, mono top, basic caps, hand tied or machine wefts, synthetic and heat defiant synthetic, human hair/synthetic blends. And most important? Be patient and find what makes YOU feel good. Friends and family will have their thoughts and opinions, but how you feel about your new hair is the most critical because if you aren’t feeling it, it won’t work as well.
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