• Puppylove
    Hi Everyone! I am need your help! I have been wearing wigs for over 20 years and never encountered what I am dealing with. I have 2 Rachel Welch wigs that are only about 2 months old. They both have uncontrollable flyaways (pictures provided). I have tried everything I can think of to tame these but it's an uphill battle everyday. I washed them and they are still soft no frizz. I,ve tried products and heat but to no avail. Any ideas? Do I just need to buy new ones? This is the second pair of Rachel Welch wigs ordered in a row that are giving me trouble .maybe I need a new brand? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thankyou!
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  • animallover
    Sorry I don't have any advice but I do have a shoulder length RW that does the same thing.....I try to think of it as "that is what my bio hair did too!" I'll be looking to see if any suggestions come up as well!
  • Puppylove
    Thanks animallover. My husband says it now takes me foreve to do my hair. LOL. I wonder if something has changed with RW's products and this is the way it's going to be from now on.
  • Lori1959
    There are several video's on YouTube about this that can help you. Here is one:
  • Tav
    Hey ! I'm sorry you're dealing with the fly aways. I've heard two things about that. One is to warm your hands up and hold the hair down to smooth it out. The other is heat defiant fiber wigs suffer from wear and tear faster than regular fibers. Anywhere the wig rubs against something like clothing they show wear faster. Notice it's not at the top. Try rubbing your hands together and holding down the area or use a low heat steamer on it. Your wig looks like it's still in good condition.
  • Misty
    I have also had this happen on a Jon Renau wig. I sprayed a small amount of Simply Stylin Light Silk spray onto my hands, and gently ran this down my wig. I have also used Argan Oil when I have run out of the Simply Stylin spray. Just be careful not to use too much spray otherwise your wig will be oily.[img][/img] I know this works really well with Jon Renau fibre, hope it will work well on RW as well.
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  • Puppylove
    Thanks Misty
  • Elizabeth Wigs com Team
    Hello! Great timing, we just wrote a blog about taming flyaways. Please see the link: https://www.wigs.com/blogs/news/tips-tricks-how-to-tame-wig-flyaways

    If you don't mind me asking, what Raquel Welch wig is this? Thanks!
  • Puppylove
    Hello! Thanks for the link. I have tried a few to no avail, but will definitely try the others. My current RW wig is Maximum Impact.
  • Elizabeth Wigs com Team
    here is a list of products I highly recommend you take a look at:

    1: Intensive Recovery Mask
    2: Shaping Creme
    3: Aragan Smooth Treatment Mist

    Since Maximum Impact by Raquel Welch is an HD Synthetic fiber, we recommend using heat tools up to 350 degrees. This will help with the flyaways. Here's a link to the products I recommended: https://www.wigs.com/collections/hair-care-products

    I hope this helps! :heart:
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