• erika
    I bought my first topper for thinning hair. It is a Raquel Welch top billing.

    It is a lace-front topper and I have NO experience with this or toppers in general.

    Does this mean I MUST wear it at my hairline and glue the lace down with wig glue? I do have my own hair at my hairline, so could I wear it farther back and pull my own hair in front? Do I have to trim the lace off the front if I want to do this? And if I did trim the lace off, would it be good to add a little clip since I can't glue it to my forehead anymore?

    Thanks for any help, Erika
  • linda
    Hello Erika,
    There are videos featuring the how too's of wearing and styling toppers. I think wigs.com has one.
    Ive worn toppers for years. My hairstylist cut and styled my toppers including cutting bangs for them. When I had more hair I cut my bio bang, and styled it, and then placed the topper just behind the bang and clip it in. Do a little blending and you are set.
    With that I highly recommend watching the wig videos. Your confidence will increase and soon you'll be a pro.
  • erika
    Hi Linda,
    Yes, I'm thinking about trying to set it back and blend in bio-bangs, but can I do this with a lace front without removing the lace? It's not bad as it is but could be more realistic with more biohair blended in.
  • linda
    Hmm, Im not sure. I think bangs (topper) would need to be cut in.
    But the best thing for you to do is view the videos, or call wigs.com and ask to speak with a consultant regarding this.

    Perhaps someone here has more experience with this issue and can way in. ASAP!
  • Elizabeth Wigs com Team

    Hello Erika,

    What great questions! You do not have to trim the lace of the Top Billing as it has already been pre-cut and is ready to wear. The use of adhesive glue is completely up to you as it is not required for a secured fit.

    Also, as the Top Billing is a Lace Front it is made to be worn at the hairline while giving a very natural look however, you can bring the piece back a bit and incorporate your bio hair if you have the density to allow a seamless blend.

    ​We are pleased to offer you the benefit of licensed cosmetologists on staff ready to assist you and provide expert advice on color and style. If you would like to speak to us directly, please call toll-free 1-800-581-2001. Licensed cosmetologists are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CST.
  • erika
    Thank you for the information Elizabeth!
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