• Sunset
    I am absolutely humiliated!!!! First off, what difference does it make to him if I'm wearing a wig or not? I'm not in there to see him over my hair or a wig. When he asked me I remained quiet, so he then stood up and looked down at the top of my head & said yep it's a wig. I admitted it was, but again why did he do this?? I could be bald for all he knows, many women are. I have very little hair & that's why I wear a wig. Why did I have to be asked this? Now I will never feel comfortable wearing the wig I was wearing unless I wear it with a baseball cap. I didn't realize it must really look fake, I didn't think it did. If he thinks on my next appointment I'm going in without another wig or topper I've got news for him. If he ask me again I'm going to ask what difference does it make if I wear a wig. I can't stop thinking about this. I have to finish out my treatments from him, but I will be glad to not be going in to see him again after this. This Dr. has very little hair. I could make a remark about that, but I'm more polite than that.
  • animallover
    I read this with disbelief........sort of........25 years ago it would be total disbelief, in 2021..........just ignorant of issues facing women. Insensitive, rude, and ignorant. Looking down on your head!!??? I would have stood up and looked down on his head! Come on man, it's time to give up the old fashioned male chauvinist views of women, especially if you are in a profession that includes a woman coming to you for a service.
    Sunset- You have a right to be upset. Is there a way you can finish your treatments with another physician in his office? I would loathe to be in his company again.
    My PCP knows I wear wigs (she is a female) and she says she looks always looks forward to see what my hair will look like on the day I see her so I deliberately wear a different one at each visit! She says she would have no idea that I had a wig on. Good luck to you!
  • Sunset
    Unfortunately he is in the office by himself. I'm going to wear my human hair topper next time I have to see this fool. He better not say anything, but if he does I'm prepared to say what I'm going to say to him. I am going to tell him he was very unprofessional, & I'm not in there to be asked when are you going to ever see me not wearing a wig. I'm shocked that the last time I was in there I was wearing a human haired wig with a silk top. He evidently knew this was a wig also, although I don't see how. I think it really does look the real. The wig he commented about yesterday is also human hair but it has no rooting but does have a mono top. It is good human hair because I've had it for years & it's never tangled. What is it to him anyway if I am wearing a wig? He needs to wear one because he's bald. It wouldn't hurt him to also lose some weight. I'm sick of men thinking they can belittle women about their looks when many of them don't look good at all. This Dr. is far from being an attractive man. I've for sure seen better. I cringe over thinking about having to see this fool again, but maybe it will do him good when i say to him what I'm going to say. If he doesn't say anything I will finish up my treatments & then tell him why I will be looking for another primary care physician. I'm still flabbergasted over what he said, & then how he stood up & walked over to me & looked at the top of my head announcing yep it's a wig. WOW, he thinks he's really smart. There's something mentally wrong with him to do this!!! I judge people by their hearts not by how they look. The only time I might judge them by how they look is when they judge me or someone else by how they look. I notice men don't think women should age, but it's OK for them to. Many of them live in a delusion thinking they look good but they really don't. One man I know has said to me several times I sure used to look good. I finally one day after waiting a while made the same comment back to him. (LOL) He was in shock because he's CONSTANTLY announcing how young he looks. I've been told I look younger than my age but I don't go around announcing it. What one person thinks another might not.
  • Sunset
    I am going to look for a good female Dr. I won't go to another male gynecologist after one who was male made a comment I probably couldn't have sex anymore. Are you kidding me, I could if I wanted to. That was the end of him. Besides that I don't think a male gynecologist can ever understand what women go through. Women Doctors are the best most of the time I've noticed. I was treated for breast cancer years ago & the first Dr was a male. He also was a real fool. He yelled at me over the top coming off a drains I had to wear. A nurse told me this happens all the time & to not be upset over it. I then went to a female surgeon & she was a real sweetheart. She didn't even have me wear drains, she obviously knew more than he did. The male one wanted to take all my lymph nodes out under my arm & it wasn't necessary. He also told me just have a double mastectomy. The female surgeon said it was only necessary to take out four lymph nodes so I still have use of my arm. It's actually frightening how some of these male Drs. can be. The male one wanted to mutilate me!!! I only had cancer in one breast & was able to have a lumpectomy. The male Dr. told me Nancy Reagan had a double mastectomy & got on with her life. I don't care what Nancy Reagan did. It wasn't necessary for me to have my breast removed. If it had been I would have done that. I'm still here 20 years later with both my breast & the use of my arm because I found a good female surgeon.
  • Tav
    I know we can't do it but your doctor needs a belt on the backside. Don't let his ignorance taint you in any way, shape or form. You are better than that. Find his replacement and move on. All the best to you!
  • PhyllisB
    Wow! What a jerk! I'm sure that you were so flabbergasted you didn't know what to say, but you should have called him out on his insensitivity. If he were wearing a hairpiece, I'm sure he wouldn't like it if you asked him about it. Why is it okay for men to do it to women? Years ago I had a similar experience with a dr before I started wearing wigs. I have alopecia and my hair was getting thinner and thinner. I had a sinus infection and my regular dr wasn't in, so I had to see the senior partner (who should have retired years before). He asked me about my hair and if I ever thought about wearing a wig? I was mortified and speechless. I didn't go to him for my hair and later on, after I left, I know that I should have told him that. I would never see him again, no matter how sick and my dr has since left his practice and is on her own.
  • btrflygal7
    Yes, he way off base, very inappropriate
  • Jnc
    That's terrible. Of course, I tell everyone I wear one. I think I'd be so mad I'd just rip mine off and say - there - are you satisfied? I'm bald on the top of my head and shave what's left very short. Haha! Of course that's me. I'm 72 and get mad pretty easy now and don't really care what people think anymore. :)
  • animallover
    I had a bad experience with a male doctor when I was in my 20's. I didn't have a regular doc so I looked one up. When I got there he was way way past retirement age (at least it looked that way to someone in their 20's!) and the reason I was there is because I thought I had strep throat. He gave me a sheet and a johnny and said to get undressed and he would be right back. I left. Fast. Have had female docs ever since!!
    Personally I don't think he attitude towards women in this country will really ever change, it has come a ways but has a very long ways to go! Good luck with you!
  • linda
    JNC, You gave me first laugh of the day.
    Thanks you.
    And props to all of you for being strong assertive (I like aggressive, but being PC here) ) women.
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