• maroper
    I purchased a Remy Human Hair 8" topper off of Amazon about 8 months ago just to see if I liked it. Actually, I did like it. I have worn it for about 8 months but it is beginning to look a little worn. I then went to wigs.com and purchased an 8" XL HD easipart synthetic topper in Shaded Mocha. When it came, the color was too reddish looking for me. I kept it an have worn it a couple of times. It is so shiny. I did brush some baby powder on it and that did help. However, it bounces around like a rubber ball. Next, I went back on Amazon and purchased another Remy Human Hair topper. I also like it pretty well but the blond color was too blonde. I combed some Fanciful Plush brown temporary rinse through some of it and it toned it down and it looks much better. I would like to purchase a higher end synthetic topper that will last a while in a color that matches my hair. It is so hard to choose a color. My natural hair has turned a white/gray/blonde through the crown and back and the side front and nape is still ash brown. Most of the color choices are too pretty to look natural. I don't want to have to keep ordering toppers experimenting to get a color that works. Also, I need an 8" topper. I have worn my hair in a short bob with bangs for years. There are very, very few 8" toppers around. Jon Renau seems to be about the only company that makes an 8" topper. It seems like such a waste to have to buy a 12" topper and then whack 4 inches off to be able to wear it. Am I missing something? Is there something out there that I am just not finding? Any recommendations?
  • erika
    "My natural hair has turned a white/gray/blonde through the crown and back and the side front and nape is still ash brown"

    I have the same problem, it's the opposite of anything rooted, and I'm not interested in starting to dye my hair for it. Have you considered something like a root touch-up spray to add some temporary reverse-ombre?
  • maroper
    Not really. I am so new to toppers and if I understand it, you can't do anything to change the color of a synthetic topper. I can't seem to understand why the off brands are real hair and the name brands only offer synthetic hair at the comparable price. As for color, I have never seen a topper that was really close to the color of my ash brown hair. The ones that would match the part that has turned are very blonde, which I would feel silly in.
  • maroper
    I also think Wig Companies make wigs and toppers the colors of what people wished their hair color was, but in reality, not many people have those lush pretty shades of hair.
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