• Larry
    Hi everyone. I need your feed back on something kind of personal. I'm sure you all will think my "problem" is silly and that I'm vain, but I’ll still ask anyway.

    Some of you already know that while I was in college, I had to 'design and implement' a peer support group. I chose to work with people with alopecia areata. That was when I developed my passion for wearing wigs. I love being bald but I also enjoy having hair, and wigs allow me to enjoy being both bald or "haired," depending on the mood I'm in.

    A few weeks ago I got my first blonde wig. A friend of mine with rich dark brown hair, has wanted to go blonde for years, but lacked the courage to do it.

    Amy (aka Dawn) decided to have a going blonde day. That's when I was told - not asked - that I was also going to go blonde. I've written up an account of our big blonde adventure elsewhere.

    This is my problem - although I bought my blonde wig to show support and encouragement for a friend to do something that would make her feel better about how she looked, has also had a serious impact on me.

    Before going blonde day happened, I read a lot of articles about women who had gone blonde, noting all the positive things and benefits that they experienced, so I could reassure Amy by answering any questions or concerns she might have.

    While Amy's hair was processing, our stylist had a go at me. My wig is dark blonde with a lace front and a monofilament panel for natural looking parts. Although she had read about these things, mine was the first she had actually seen. She knew I am bald as an egg, yet my wig is so natural looking that it confused a stylist with over 20 years experience.

    Going blonde has been an overwhelming experience for me. All the women in my life, be they family, friends, or casual acquaints, they all like me better as a blonde! I hear things like, "that's your best wig yet," "don't wear any of your other wigs, just wear this one," and "Wow! I love your hair!" Even though they know it's a wig, they say hair.

    I once read somewhere that women don't like blonde men, which makes no sense. For the first time in my life, women are smiling at me, they give me a little nod of their head as a way of saying they've noticed I've gone blonde and they approve, and several women have even winked at me.

    I'm not used to getting all this well, positive attention. Is it OK to enjoy it? I'm 58, but when I look in the mirror, I think I look a lot younger now.

    God bless and love,

  • linda
    So Enjoy...wink, wink.
  • Larry

    Thank you! You've made my day - I definitely envy your husband.

    God bless and love,

  • alicexm
    Who said women don’t like blonde men? Troy Donahue was a blonde and was quite a heart throb back in the 50’s and 60’s. Larry I love your blond hair.
  • Larry
    Thank you, Alice!
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