• Larry
    The Activities director here at the retirement community where I live was told by the Home office to have a "60s/hippie day."

    I never thought much about Hippies, but I can see myself having fun creating a Hippie character that'll act stoned – like what Foster Brooks did when he portrayed a drunk – he was a scream! I've been working on the costume: a kaftan, jeans, strappy sandals, glasses with blue lenses, leather head band, and I've ordered an appropriate wig – a very long one obviously, and even a big peace symbol that'll hang down from a cord around my neck.

    The name of my new persona is Lennie Star Tripper.

    The Activities director is anxious about doing this. To show my support for doing this event – which was announced during lunch – I slipped away, became Lennie, and just sauntered into the activities room like I owned the place; flashed V for victory with my hands, and simply said, "peace babies!"

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Lennie yet. Most of my original plans have had to be changed. I have to be funny and also glorify God, and I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

    We share a lot of the pain and problems of hair loss in here. I thought we could do with a laugh, so here I am as Lennie Star Tripper.

    I love my wig for being Lennie. I’m back to having light auburn hair – my natural color. My roots tell a different story, but I feel the most like the real me on the days I choose to wear one of my light auburn wigs. As you can see in this picture, the wig is too long to be one of my regular every day ones. Except for maybe putting it into a pony tail, I won’t be able to wear it after our 60s day.
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