• Katooshie
    My mother had a friend who always looked great. That lady was always perfectly dressed, fully made up, and not a hair out of place. One time a cashier in a store asked my mother, "Is she an old movie star or something?" Mother's friend stayed overnight at our house once and my brother was amazed when she appeared at breakfast: perfectly dressed, fully made up, not a hair out of place. He asked my mother "Why doesn't your hair look that good in the morning?" Mother laughed and replied, "Alex, that is a WIG!" He didn't believe her. So that night he peeked in her room after she went to bed and yep...there sat her hair on a wig stand by the bed!
  • Lori
    That’s a definite plus with wigs. Always look good. Love it!
  • Lynn
    I love that story too, The innocence and curiosity of a little boy.
  • Wigmate
    Lol, and that’s exactly why after I recovered from my surgery and Chemo that I set out to invent a better way to store your wig while not wearing it!
    Please check it out! Here
  • Vee1028
    welcome to the forum and congratulations on your recovery!
  • Moonlitnight
    Welcome, Wigmate. I second Vee's congrats there and the device looks brilliant. My wig keeps falling off the shower head.
  • Erica
    Hey Wigmate, your wig storage system is super nice! In fact, since this is a wigs.com owned forum, I added a clickable link to where we have it in our shop :) Hope that helps!
  • Moonlitnight
    Lol! I have never seen it there. Such a good idea.
  • Sunset
    That is a cute story. We are really lucky there are wigs, & much nicer ones today. I wish I had started wearing one years ago instead of fussing & worrying about my wispy, baby fine hair. I used to have to plan hours ahead before going to a special event to try to get my bio hair to look half way decent. Now my only concern is what wig or hairpiece should I wear. I love how in two minutes I can have beautiful hair now. I don't have to worry about waiting for my bio hair to dry, because I can completely cover it up now. My bio hair looks the best COVERED UP!!
  • Erzsike
    Welcome Wigmate! I loved your story and wishing you continued recovery in all ways.
  • goldcapp
    Loved the story! Since the new wigs are so natural looking, it is wonderfully difficult to point them out. I am often complimented on my hair and often wonder whether I should confess! My own hair was always baby fine and sparse (family trait), and I am sorry that I resorted to extensions because they did a lot of damage. I should have found wigs sooner!
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