• Cathe Lartigue
    I'm hoping this pictorial post works. It hit me this morning.. I have a family reunion next weekend. My family is HUGE. HUGE! Irish Catholic. My mother came from a family of 11 kids--two were nuns and didn't have children-obviously. Her sibs all had like three, four and five kids and now we all have three, four and--well maybe not five kids but the reunion will be quite well-attended. I'm sure at some point one of my more illustrious cousins will partake in one or seven too-many beverages and my wig will be pulled from my head. As such, I decided to place color to my roots today. And I thought about the process of when my hair was still thinning and pre-wigs. I had to..
    1. color the hair and wait an hour for the color to seep in because my hair is very porous.
    2. after washing and conditioning and rinsing the color, I had to condition a second time for another hour.
    3. Then I had to set my hair.
    4. Then blow dry it.
    5. Then re-set it to allow ffor some softness.
    This process took all morning and today was no different. And now what bio hair I have left isn't soft as it used to be due to all the Toppik I had to shake into it.
    So basically it took over three hours.
    Plopping a wig ontop of my head takes ten seconds. Wigs win!!

    A wig is easier!
  • Deleted User
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  • Lynn
    I am also Irish and a Catholic so if you need back up let me know and I'm there, I got your back sister!!
  • Vee1028
    I really like that wig. What is it?? Also, like Alex and drift3r above, I'd be furious thinking there was even a chance that my wig might be pulled from my head!
  • Lori
    They save sooooo much time. I remember the days when it took me so long to do my bio hair too. You look so great with that style you’ve chosen. I love your glasses too. You look like such a happy person!
  • Lori
    I agree. I would have a fit if someone pulled my wig off.
  • Vee1028
    I just happened upon one of your videos (I didn't know you made them) last night and it took me forever to even realize I was watching you! You were wearing your bio hair at the beginning of the video and you seriously looked like a different woman. The moment you put that wig on your head your entire demeanor changed and your whole face came alive. It was remarkable to see.
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