• Katooshie
    I love the youtube channel of our @Cathe Lartigue Today she listed the 5 things that annoy her.


    So how about YOU?
    1. Cruelty/bullying
    2. Elitists who think they are entitled
    3. Taxes
    4. Over zealous fanatics who think we all should embrace whatever their personal passion happens to be
    5. Snobs who think they are better than others
  • KellyA
    1. War 2. Child abuse 3. Violence 4. Abuse of power 5. Fake nice
  • Lynn
    You said it all girl those are exactly the same things that get me started (where’s my soapbox?)
  • Katooshie
    right on sister! I like your soapbox!
  • Lynn
    I’m not kidding those really are the things that bug me.
  • Katooshie
    we have so much in common!!
  • Lynn
    It’s like we’re twins lol
  • Katooshie
    hair sisters 4ever lol
  • Lynn
    Darn right sister :heart:
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Moonlitnight
    LOLOLOL!!!! Love #5. I tend to agree :rofl:

    1) People who call themselves animal lovers yet turn a blind eye to meat derived from the factory farm system.
    2) Liars and phonies
    3) Missing my husband and sister
    4) Living in a place where there are only senior couples and no hope of finding a partner
    5) The out-and-out trickery that goes into "clinical trials."
    6) The fact there are only FIVE spots here :lol:
  • Casey Lewis
    Love this list... except for (taxes) i suspect the other 4 are all about the same group of people... self-centered entitled snobs who shame/bully others in to agreeing (or keeping quiet) about what they feel is important..... love this list!
    my 1-5: Intolerance:roll:
  • Katooshie
    At this exact moment i really MUST add...
    Our neighbours who have several young children and lock them outside in the back yard that adjoins our yard. The youngest one SCREAMS and cries non stop with a high pitched shriek that is comparable to a dog whistle. This goes on and on. I cant even enjoy my garden or patio when they do this! We have tried entertaining friends in our yard when this happened and we couldnt even carry on a conversation! I shouted "please be quiet" the mother screamed back at me "THEY ARE CHILDREN!!" I really dont mind at all the normal sounds of kids playing or laughing but this just sounds like child abuse and is very disturbing! Wondering if i should write them an anonymous letter? What would you girls and Alex do? The summer is the worst dor this but they lock them out there on all days of the year! Advice appreciated!!
  • Lynn
    Sweetie if she locking them outside that’s child abuse and should be reported especially if there screaming bloody murder or check and see if there is some sort of noise ordinance in your neighbourhood. You shouldn’t have to put up with that.
  • Moonlitnight
    Oh Kat, I feel for you. I absolutely cannot stand noisy neighbours. "They are just kids" is a poor excuse for dismal parenting and I know I am being judgemental here. When I was little, my mother always said to me, "Do not shout. Grown-ups don't like it and you should respect grown-ups." I always instilled this in my daughter. Unfortunately, this is not the norm with today's kids. Kids understand the concept of being polite and respectful—or should. Do they scream and holler in church? Of course not. I think it is different if it is a hot day in summer and the family puts a water slide out for the kids and their friends ONCE IN A WHILE and they all squeak away. My neighbours back in NV, a young couple, made sure their children didn't yell. I heard them out there many times telling them that the kids would have to come inside if they shouted. Those kids were absolutely adorable. The 8-year-old boy would tell his little sister, "Please be quiet, Chloe! You don't want to upset the neighbours." They didn't develop ticks and limps because of being taught respect and not being able to yell.

    OK so this isn't helpful. It's just another complaining session from the Island. What to do? Do you have a good relationship with the neighbours otherwise? Could you write them a little note perhaps? Say that you are prone to headaches or something and would truly appreciate them asking their little ones to keep their sweet little voices down? If they are actually locking them outside, then I might be inclined to call Child Services. Are you able to chat with the kids themselves? I used to live in Port Moody, right next to a little angel whose parents actually told him there was a sick lady next door, who got very bad pains in her head when he shouted too loudly. They actually brought him over for me to personally explain this. Lol! He did carry on after that and I got more joy out of seeing him suddenly remember this conversation and do this creeping thing around the garden, then let loose again five seconds later.

    I don't really think I am much help after typing all that as I know you would have thought of many things that might work.

    In looking up noise bylaws, they cover dogs but not kids. The media OF COURSE takes the parents' side, making out that there is something wrong with neighbours who appreciate a little peace and quiet.
  • Moonlitnight
    Yes, my thought, Lynn. That is not right.
  • Lynn
    I certainly don’t miss this for our old neighbourhood. I can remember times after a long hard week just wanting to catch up on a couple tv shows with the window open and then having neighbours down the block throwing a party with loud music that I couldn't even hear myself think I couldn’t even imagine how they could even hear themselves talk. Rude rude very rude!!
  • Moonlitnight
    It all comes down to a lack of respect for others, doesn't it, Lynn?
  • Lynn
    It’s all about entitlement they are entitled to it so screw everyone else it’s all about them!
  • Lynn
    Yes very disrespectful!
  • Katooshie
    which is exactly why we picked elitist entitled attitudes on our list eh Lynn??
  • Lynn
    That's a big YES!! lol
  • Cathe Lartigue
    I LOVE your list! Ugh. Don't get me started on elitists and snobs. They are but specks of dust in my world!!! XOXOOXOXO!!!
  • HeatherE
    My five things... How to narrow it to just five... ; )
    1. My mother and sister in law. They are mean spirited and try to get digs in every chance they get.
    2. I second the noisy dogs next door. The incessant barking drives me crazy.
    3. Stepping in something wet right after I've put socks on.
    4. Judgemental people.
    5. People who pick on or are mean to others.
  • Katooshie
    Agree with your list! That stepping on wet stuff...yeahhhhh!
  • sandyp1
    Just one thing. Cruelty to anything pets, people etc.
  • Dogmom
    1. Phonies
    2. Liars
    3. Bullies
    4. People who think they are better than everyone else
    5. Animal abusers
  • samfalcon99
    1. Capitalism
    2. Lack of empathy
    3. Fascism and authoritarianism in general
    4. Prejudice
    5. People who judge me because I wear wigs.
  • Moonlitnight
    Ha! Sam, good thread to resurrect.Good list! (I went to check mine to make sure they still stand :lol:)
  • animallover
    Abuse of anything helpless, such as elderly, children and animals.
    Clear-cutting our valuable forests.
    Dishonesty of any sort.
  • KB7707
    -Abuse of ANY kind (human & animals)
    -Disrespectful people
    -Judgemental people
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