• Uriela
    So I have been trying to get more info about the "hybrids" human hair/synthetic blend wigs. I wrote a question directly to the Envyhair manufacturer and got a prompt answer from the owner himself I also wrote a question directly to the Ellen Wille manufacturer and no response. Maybe because Ellen Wille is based in Germany. Anyway, I now know -- from the nice people at wigs.com -- that both manufacturers use 70% synthetic and 30% human. So I still can't figure out why the huge price difference. Ellen Wille is about 30% more pricey. Is it because it is imported? If so, buy American I say. Or can someone who has tried both brands compare for me. Thanking you in advance.
  • Deleted User
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  • Tammy
    I have wondered the same thing. I also do not understand how the two go together to make a wig. How does that work, I do not get how the different fibers mesh.
  • dc21
    There isn't anything special about EW to justify their price. Pretty sure they are made in factories in Asia like the other companies. EW typically fit petite/average size heads well and are low density. Yes, they look natural, but shedding in wigs occur over time. I sometimes think they don't have adequate coverage in the back to cover the wefts. I personally prefer wigs with more density - that is a personal preference of mine. 100% handtied is awesome, and you will pay more for that feature. Ultimately, it will come down to style, fit, cap features, and color selection. It is really trial and error to find what you like. Also, always utilize sales!
  • Moonlitnight
    dc I haven't personally seen you post here before so a huge welcome! I always utilize sales. Thanks for that insight into Ellen Wille being low density at the back. I don't need that as wigs always flop forwards on me. I am always on the fence with EW as the cap would be very high on me. So I'll strike them off. I am interested in the hybrids though.
  • Uriela
    I was very impressed by the one Envyhair I tried. Fantastic cap, lined with something so very soft. Incredibly fine hair. I had to returned it because of the color, but I have become a fan of this type of wig.
  • BeatA
    @Uriela@Tammy@dc21@Moonlitnight@Alex Kautzso i have had both Envy and Ellen Will “ hybrids”. Both have really awesome hair. Very soft and natural. The only Ellen Wille I have kept ( I sent Spirit 2 back ( there is a separate thread where I explain) is Mood. I have had it for 2 years and it has held up very well. It is all hand tied, but it is a fairly short hair wig so I have not encountered any tangling. I did not think it was to thin in the back. I have always liked that there is less hair, because it makes their wigs look less “wiggy”.
    I have had Linsey from Envy. As I said before also beautiful hair, but definitely had some tangling problems. At the time I did not know about steaming to get the frizzy out of the nape hair so I kept cutting it until it is pretty much useless now ( a Little less than a year). I am wearing it in my profile picture btw. The Linsey has a mono top but has wefted sides and back which is of lesser quality than hand tied which explains some of the price difference.
    My most recent purchase after I sent back the Spirit2 was the Chelsea from Envy, which I love. It has longer hair than the Spirit2. It has a mono top and is completely hand tied not open wefted like Linsey so very nice high quality cap just like Ellen Wille.
    Both Ellen Eille and Envy hybrids have lace fronts btw.
    So for the longer hair ( Envy Chelsea versus Ellen Wille Spirit2 I think Chelsea is definitely the better deal at 30% off you save about $400! Neither one is very good at heat styling. I know you’re supposed to be able to heat style these wigs and they will hold the style through washings, but I have not managed to get much of anything to hold in this hair. If anyone has any advice on how to get this hybrid hair to accept curls I’m all ears I have tried curling irons, heat curlers and these blow dry/brush thingies not much of anything “ sticks” @Alex Kautzany tips?

    So anyway this is my slightly lengthy 2 cents’ worth.
  • Uriela
    Thanks for that. I think you have the most experience with this type of wig, except maybe Alex (but he only put them on once, and didn't wear them for a while).
  • Moonlitnight
    Good morning and thank you for this helpful post. Lots of info to digest as I still feel my Brandi looks very wiggy due to being very thick. I have thinned it a little but it made me anxious so no more. I am still unsure of the purpose of a hybrid if you can't create waves. (Are you waiting until the curl cools completely before letting it loose from your hand?)
  • BeatA
    I may have been too impatient to let it completely cool. It is also very long hair so it is heavier and hangs out more easily. I should have probably taken smaller portions at a time... again I am not a very patient person ... I’ll try again some time and let you know.
    I would imagine it should not be any different than heat resistant synthetic hair, because that’s what it is ( blended with human hair which goes along for the ride)
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