• HeatherE
    So first I had the top wave, which just had so much poof. I will use it for up-do's and messy buns though so it's still useable. Took Drift3r's advice (thanks so much!) and got the top secret in yesterday. I loved it- but it was sooooo much longer than my hair, which I knew it would be. I got it cut today! She almost went a wee bit too short, but it's fine because I kept telling her it's too long! Still too long! Then it was a tad bit too short (of course I didn't tell her that, she was just doing what i asked her to do). I'm a bit neurotic about my hair, I'm sure you guys can all relate. :joke: So what do you guys think? I'm happy with it, it looks much more "like me" when I look in the mirror. I do have a question. Everyone in real life says they can't see the topper line where my hair line meets, but it's the first thing I see. What do you guys think, or do, to cover that line up?
  • Shar W
    It looks really cute. I use Joan Rivers great hair day powder to fill in around my hairline. It gives the appearance of thicker hair. It helps hide the toppers rim. You can also pull some of your bio hair out with a rat tail comb and blend. For me it’s always the first thing I notice on myself too.
  • BeautyWithin
    It looks really good. And yes, we get the part about worrying if it looks natural or wack. We are always quick to scrutinize what we see in that mirror. Write yourself an encouraging sticky note and pit it on your mirror. It helps!
  • KellyA
    It is a great color on you!
  • Katooshie
    Oh yes yes YES!!! Finally!! Sooo glad you tried this one and got it cut to suit you. LOVE the way this one frames your face and makes your pretty eyes POP! Its not too short! Colour is great too! What a patient girl you are! I am graduating from a topper to a wig now and VERY excited about my new hair adventure!! Enjoy your beautiful topper! You deserve it!!
  • Katooshie
    @drift3r good job encouraging @HeatherE to go for this topper! She looks amazing in it!!
  • HeatherE
    Thanks for the tip! I'll try that tomorrow, and also get the Great Day stuff Shar recommended.
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