• SuzieQ
    Katooshie- thank you so much!
  • Amber
    thank you! You're welcome!
  • Amber
    yaaas girl!!! No fuss no muss!
  • mcvoice
    I've watched you on Fabricating Fringe Amber and love your reviews. You come across so genuine and authentic - like a girl I know I'd be girlfriends with if we lived closer :).
    Congrats on the chanel and hope you keep growing it.
  • Amber
    thank you so much!! That really means a lot! I really hope to be authentic and genuine, because I'm drawn to reality, if you know what I mean. Thanks for your sweet comment.
  • alicexm
    I’ve started wearing more platinum greys, and constantly get compliments and questions on the color, if I use special shampoo, etc. I spent 15 minutes at the store looking at products for grey/platinum hair so as not to be caught out. I have admitted to wearing a wig when my gut told me honesty was called for, but otherwise it’s my secret.
  • animallover
    You know that "gut" thing can really be a problem.......a male friend of ours complimented me the other day saying " I like your new hairstyle!" when he stopped in his car while we were out walking. I said I cut it and thank you. As soon as we walked on I felt so darn guilty. I felt like I should have said it was a wig. I felt like I lied. But I reassured myself by telling myself that I actually did cut my hair, my bio hair under the wig was buzzed since the last time he had seen me. Still.....I felt weird since I am a totally honest person in every other aspect of my life.
  • alicexm
    I tried several techniques to secure my wigs, mostly to guard against “creep” until I discovered wig grip caps by Milano. No more shifting and no wind worries. Not sure how it’d withstand a grabby grandchild because my grands are all past the hair tug stage, but could be worth a try. Hugs.
  • Vee1028
    I had to laugh at your comment about spending 15 mins.looking at products for gray hair to keep your secret! And I agree with you, I usually just say thank you when complimented now, but used to tell everyone the truth.
  • buckeyegal1963
    I feel the same if I don't 'fess up when I get a compliment on my hair, a little twinge of guilt. I'll say thank you and quickly change the subject. Some people I tell, some I don't, I get how you feel about it.
  • A7X
    I now just say thanks to compliments and change the subject. It is "my' hair since I paid for it!

    I went for a IPL facial the other day and had to take off the wig for the procedure, so I warned the esthetician that I was wearing a wig and was going to take it off rather than just whipping off my hair and startling her. She went on for 10 minutes about how natural it looked, how she never would have known, and then many questions about it. I guess that's good.
  • Misty
    That is a wonderful reaction! So happy for you. Wigs today generally look very realistic. We as wig wearers need to know that, and every time we have a response from someone like your esthetician, it is a confirmation that our hair looks natural, as well as a lovely compliment to you. And, yes, I agree with you, "my hair" is my hair, as I paid for it! :hearts:
  • alicexm
    This last week I got caught in a conversation with an occasional co-worker about one of her friends she had just discovered was a long time wig wearer. I hadn’t worked face to face with this person since I started wearing hair, but felt really good that she didn’t notice my faux hair. Couldn’t decide whether to own up or just listen; went with listen. Maybe if asked.....
  • Vee1028
    I love that!!
  • PennyC
    "Thanks, but my nails aren't really pink."
    "I appreciate it, but my bra is padded."
    "I'm not really this tall; I'm wearing 3" heels."
    Do you feel guilty or ashamed about makeup, shapewear, or flattering clothes? I don't see what the difference is. We don't have skimpy hair because we're BAD people! So just enjoy being able to look nice!
  • lisa0721
    When anyone compliments my hair, I thank them, and don't offer more information. Normally, they say they like my haircut, and I say, "Thanks, it's a lot lighter" or "Thanks! I like it, too!". That's it. My family realizes, and that's the way I like to have it. I've suffered enough looking at natural hair and wishing I had that, too, that I don't feel bad about enlightening people. :)
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