• Cathe Lartigue
    After just arriving home from a big family reunion on Long Island, I'm extremely hung over. I have lost my voice. My body is sore from grinding and twerking on the dance floor. I passed on the food because I used my points on five Long Island Iced Teas but somehow managed to dip my finger into many of the uneaten slices of cake with buttercream frosting.
    And through it all, my Emery Bob from Estetica Designs held up Beautifully!! She is THE perfect bob for this summer. I'll be filming a video review in a while after I make myself human again. My beauty routine before we left for home early--very early this morning was toothpaste and deodorant!
    That being said, my friends at Estetica Designs sent me Emery to try out and review and she is an absolute winner! She's like having the best of both worlds. Short in the back--which during the hot weather will be excellent as she wont get sweaty at the nape--and graduating to a longer length in the front--which almost gives the appearance of a lob. The lace front and part are surperb. I can't say enough about this gorgeous beauty. The luster of the hair--OMG. NOT SHINY!!! Just incredibly lusterous. I have her in Caramel Kiss and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...she held her shape--trust me I was on that dance floor for a long, long time. She never even shifted and everyone commented on how great my "hair" looked. An epic winner!! Here's some photos!9rid10mvi4ay1qjd.jpg
  • Melody
    That is so flattering on you!! Love the natural hairline and the color.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Thanks. She's crazy beautiful. I"m loving her so much!!!!
  • TerriK
    OMG! She's freakin' AWEsome, and you look marvelous in her!!! You'd never . . . ever .. . . in a million years know that your hair is a wig!!! GREAT look for you!!! ♥
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Thanks--Estetica makes a great and natural looking wig. This is a great style all around!
  • Soozyq
    Such a cute style on you. Makes me think of the movie Shampoo. I am totally outing my age with that one. HA! You look great in this one.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    YES!! It's very Julie Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXOXOXOXO!!!
  • Shar W
    Wow, she is beautiful. You look marvelous.
  • KellyA
    That is very nice. What is the color?
  • Dogmom
    OMG, this looks awesome on you! I couldn't find it on wigs.com, is it out yet?
  • Happy to ve Retired
    curious about the color - i wear shaded mocha jon renau. In the pic your color looks similar. Are you familiar with shaded mocha (24bt18s8) and is it similar? Also trying to see if raquel welsh has a similar color.

    Is this wig heat friendly? I tend to prefer that texture - less shine.

    Love this wig on you.
  • rpwatson
    This style is you! You really rock this look.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Caramel Kiss, I think is pretty similar to those mocha colors that other brands have.
    The wig is not noted to be heat friendly and I rarely apply heat to any synthetic wig that I have. However, I DID steam one section of the wig and it steamed beautifully. She's one of my favorites!
  • crazywiglady
    I love this on you, the style is perfect!
  • dc21
    For a RW color, try shaded toast ss12/20.
  • Crystal
    It's absolutely perfect for you and the color is beautiful.
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