• DKizer
    If you wear a wig every day due to medical reasons, do you switch out styles? Even though I have been wearing wigs for years I'm still not sure about switching styles at my workplace. While I am not ashamed to wear wigs, I just don't want to cause a distraction if I walk into a meeting with a totally different look one day and then another the next.

  • KatooshieAccepted Answer
    I try to change my style every day by adding accessories. I have 3 different textures that i wear in the same colour: straight wavy and curly. I use the Hairdo line and stick to one colour: ginger blonde. Hairdo carries wigs extensions and pieces so its easy to add on! They also have coloured strip extensions in pastels and brights which add variety and fun!
  • Vee1028
    I think it would depend on whether your coworkers are aware of the fact that you are wearing wigs. If they already know then I don't see any reason not to mix things up a bit. If, on the other hand, you are keeping it secret, then I would only make subtle changes in my wigs. No one really notices small changes in our hair. So you can change the color a little bit the length a little bit, and the Style a little bit without anyone noticing.
  • Dogmom
    You need to feel confident on whatever you choose and only you can make that decision.
  • crazywiglady
    I have been so lucky that my coworkers are actually excited to see what wig I wear everyday. I usually stick to my normal "blonde" of some sort but I like to change up the styles.
  • Sunstorm
    Hey, I was curious if it's possible to style a wig with the flat iron? A friend of my daughter told me that with any of this flat iron - https://mystraightener.com/the-best-flat-irons-for-fine-thin-hair-attain-the-perfect-hair-and-value-for-your-money/ I can radically change my wig's hairstyle without any problem. But I'm not sure if it won't damage the synthetic wig. Have anyone tried or heard anything about styling wigs with hot instruments?
  • alicexm
    before using any heat tool you need to be sure you have a heat defiant (HD) wig. These synthetic fibers are specially designed for low heat (~300degree) tools. Never use a tool on dry fibers, always use water or a styling spray designed for wigs. Check out YouTube videos for how tos. Patti with Pattiā€™s Pearls has several good tutorials.
  • btrflygal7
    Personally, I try to keep the style for work but on the weekend I wear different styles and lengths. Outside of my family, I don't discuss wearing wigs.
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