• Vee1028
    I know that most of us look at a ton of videos while trying to make a decision on a wig purchase. Very often we receive the wig we have waited anxiously for and are deeply disappointed because the wig looks so much shorter or longer on us than it looked on our favorite wig reviewer. This difference is usually because of the difference in head measurements between the reviewer and the viewer.
    My particular problem is of wigs looking much shorter on me than on many of the reviewers. I have managed to find one reviewer who must have similar measurements to mine as wigs usually about the same length on us. However, our face shapes aren't alike at all, so that has to be figured in.
    I cannot say enough how much I, and I'm sure, all of us here appreciate the work you ladies put into doing these reviews. You have made it not only possible, but pleasurable to purchase wigs online. But, it would be so much help if, somewhere on your profile or in a "get to know me" kind of video, you could give your measurements. Helpful measurements would be length from ear to ear, length from hair line to chin, and maybe from crown to nape.
    I hope I'm not asking too much and that some of the reviewers who are a part of this community will consider it. Thanks so much!
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Thank you for that! I will be traveling this weekend but I'll do my best to make a video that focuses on my measurements--especially the length of my neck. Thank you so much for suggesting that!!!
  • amyonwigs
    That is a great idea!!!! I will do it on every one of my wig reviews from now on. Thank you for the idea! I do mention how short my forehead is in almost every video (1.5 inches from hairline to top of eyebrow), but I need to mention the rest.

  • Moonlitnight
    Great suggestion, Vee, and I think that other factors come into play—for long wigs in particular. These are neck length and overall height. For example, my Spotlight Elite falls midway between my bust and collarbone. It looks quite short in the back. Roxy must be a lot shorter than I am for it to look like long hair on her. Short necks also result in longer-looking long wigs. So along with your measurement suggestions, I'd say overall height and neck length as well.
  • Vee1028
    thanks so much! I watch both of you and appreciate you so much.
  • Shar W
    That’s a great idea. I do love all the wig reviews as well. I base my decisions on them. Also the colors, I need to see the wig colors in a video whether it’s inside or out. Very helpful to me.
  • Lynn
    also what size the wig there reviewing is would be helpful I believe Taz does mentioned that but that to many do to my knowledge.
  • Katooshie
    that is a very good idea for the reviewer to list their personal stats. In fact they could do a "this is me" video and link to that every time they make a new video. Excellent idea Vee!
  • Vee1028
    yes, I suggesedt a "get to know me" video on their subscription or profile page so they didn't have to give these stats out on every review.
    For some reason short wigs are always shorter on me than on most reviewers and long wigs seem longer than on others. I have been able to find a couple of reviewers who wigs seem to sit similarly on. But, it took watching a TON of videos of various styles to finally find the best fit for myself.
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