• gr8hnd
    I recently got Upstage by Raquel Welch. I have one other bob that’s seen better days. I’ve been looking for more bob cuts for my next purchase. I’d be grateful for suggestions. With Upstage I got my first hand-tied full lace front and quickly saw the benefit.
  • kristyndanger
    Hailey by Noriko


    I think Hailey by Noriko is soooo cute!
  • gr8hnd
    Thank you. I’d never seen. It’s adorable.
  • amyonwigs
    Kristen by Jon Renau
  • Shlumpy
    Cameron by Rene of Paris is the cutest !
  • fransap
    United by Ellen Wiile is my go-to - bob with a bit of shaping.
  • Happy to ve Retired
    I have been wearing jon renau hd wigs - heat and eve. Both needed thinning and i cut them and do bangs. I prefer the lower shine and texture if the hd fiber. Do any other brands also have less shine?
  • Megan Lasuzzo | Wigs.com Team
    I've heard the synthetic fiber of Noriko and Rene of Paris is awesome! Gabor's synthetic is also pretty nice!
  • jaydee
    What Schlumpy said! The Rene of Paris Cameron is the BEST. I have 4!! It’s my profile pic.... LOVE this wig!!!
  • Casey Lewis
    Sheer Elegance is one of my favs x

  • Jenna1956
    Noriko has the best fiber hair I've found but as much as I love Noriko, the caps run small. So keep that in mind. Just an FYI.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Hands down--Jamison by Estetica Designs! I love that bob!!!!!
  • Amber
    just tried Haute! toffee truffle by jon renau ....see link, i love it!
    29791610_10216635847393436_8376805646856897124_n (98K)
  • BeautyWithin
    Jon renau Cameron was the first wig I bought. Have gotten tons of compliments on it. Nobody knows it's a wig. I got 8rh14. Best brown ever!
  • Shlumpy
    Yup! I am wearing Cameron in my profile pic too. I have 23 Cameron’s, most in Raspberry Ice, a few in other brown shades. Never fails, I get a compliment from someone every day. I usually tell the ladies it’s a wig. No one can believe it.
  • hilea
    I'm a huge fan of Jon Reneau Victoria! I get so many compliments on my hair, I just say thank you lol. The hair texture is fine and thin, just like my real hair was, and the lace front makes it look real. I own about 15 wigs, and this one has the best hair color 24BT18S8. People don't believe it when I say it's a wig. My only complaint is the small amount of permatease at the nape in the back of the neck. It seems to make the hair stand out or look chunky looking, especially after it's been worn a few times. Washing it seems to put it back to normal. I wish they would just put regular hair there. I also wear the Cody XO, the style is almost the same, the hair texture feels softer, but it is bulkier and looks a bit more like a wig because there is no lace front.
  • Breezey
    I recently purchased a bob. When the wind blows hard, the bob gets messy so when I go indoors, my wig looks like a wig. Other than using hair spray to keep it stiff, what else can I do? When outdoors, the bob is stiff and it is obvious I am wearing a wig. Any suggestions to making the bob look natural in the wind and falling back naturally in doors?
  • Tav
    I don't think hair spray is your friend here. Certain wig fibers will fall into place better than others. I'm not the one that knows which brand to lean towards, but I had a cousin caught in a wind storm with us. Everyone came in looking like they'd been in that wind storm except her. Every hair fell back perfectly into place. It was a shoulder length bob with bangs.
  • Breezey
    Thank you, Tav, for your comment. My wig is a Jon Renau and will reach out to the manufacturer on what they recommend.
  • polkadot222
    Sage by Estetica. Estetica's lace fronts are wonderful. Sage is SO realistic looking.
  • btrflygal7
    I like Timeless Beauty from Gabor, The hair is very nice.
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