• PennyC
    Yeah, Linda, i went through the whole deal -- chemo, radiation, one-side mastectomy, and then, a whole lot of complications due to treatment. This all started in 2016, and I just got my breast implant in December. We are going to do some fat grafting, to even out areas above the breasts, in a few months, and lucky me! that will come from my upper tummy.
    Only good thing is that I wasn't diagnosed with the cancer until I hit 65...so all the boobie work has been "free"...that's why I don't mind shelling out for the neck work.
  • linda
    That's a lot. I understand. Like I say although I didn't do Chemo I still had lots of hospital visits and treatments to treat the last treatment, on and on. That played a part of why I decided not to do anything else. But I would tell my younger self to suck it up and just do it:)
    Good luck with yours and please keep me posted on how it goes for you.
  • alicexm
    My mother told me on my 30th birthday it was time to cut my shoulder length locks into a more “age appropriate “ style. Didn’t happen. I’m 67 now. My wigs range from long bobs (Jamison / Estetica) to really long (Bobbi / Envy) and everything in between. Age is a number, not a style requirement.
  • linda
    Gosh, I apologize to you. I truly thought my reply to you since it came to me directly, was private. How did it end up here on this blog ‍♀️
  • PennyC
    Were you apologizing to me? If so, no need.
  • linda
    Thank you
  • PennyC
    I had my annual visit to my oncologist today. Chatted with a young woman and her mom while waiting about my experiences...and I saw another older lady there with a fairly obvious wig one. I was hoping mine wasn't quite so fake-looking.
    I still have to go back next year, but I guess at some point I'll be dismissed. Just nice going there and feeling like it happened a long time ago (2016).
  • linda
    I totally understand. I went from one doc to 4. With visits every 3 months. At my 5 year anniversary I went to 3 docs every 6 months. It’s been 11 years and I’m free
    Just my primary and me. I can not believe how time has screamed by. I’m truly fortunate.
    I don’t think you have anything to worry about with regards to your hair. Looking at your photo “she” truly looks like the real deal...seriously and sincerely.
  • candybars41
    I’m 56 and I love wearing wigs! From what I hear, I’m able to pull them off. Now my struggle is to stop buying them! I’m building quite a collection!
  • Larry
    Hi Amy,

    I'm not sure if you'd care to get an opinion from a Gentleman, but I feel strongly about this issue that I had to reply.
    In addition to what others have said, I think you look lovely in the photos showing you with long hair. I would like to add a few comments of my own.
    First of all, who came up with a "rule" that women shouldn't wear their long, and why do ladies go along with that, and treat it as Gospel?
    Secondly, not every long wig will look good on you. A number of my lady friends learned this lesson when they went blonde. Not every shade of blonde will not look good on every body. Things to consider are length, style, cut, curl, color, and facial features.
    Lastly, have a stylist who can cut, color (human hair only), and style wigs. I recommend every wig wearer to have a stylist. My stylist cuts and restyles every wig I have (not to mention preventing me from making, er, uhm, questionable choices to start with). When she's done, it may no longer look exactly like the picture on the box, but it still is long (if a long wig is what I wanted), but it now works together with my unique bone structure of my face.
    One more thing. This is old news to many people in here I'm sure, but if you think you're more beautiful with long hair, blonde hair, or whatever else hair, you are more beautiful (if you have your stylist personalize your wig). Confidence is one of the most important beauty secrets everyone needs.
    God bless,
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