• Rugtopper
    I have not had a date since GHWB was in office. I am over 50. I refuse to use an online dating service for several reasons. I've basically given up on the dating front. As for the woman dumping a man because he wore a toupee, I think that is shallow and hurtful. In Western society, a man is supposed to overlook all the many ways a woman goes about improving her looks, but a man who cares one wit about his appearance is deemed vain, shallow, or gay. I'm in a very odd position. I don't really like my bio hair. I dyed it for 30 years, but stopped when I turned 45. Here is the odd part. I would really like to swap my own hair for either a toupee (preferred) or a full wig. Don't even ask why. I gave up trying to find an answer for that years ago. Every once in a while, especially after I would get a short haircut, I would wear a full wig and go shopping, etc. where I wasn't known. It was nice to have that freedom. I also didn't mind a few glances at my fake hair.

    Anyway, I don't know if this fully relates to the topic, or if I even belong in this group at all. I just wanted to reach out and share. Thanks.

  • Tav
    You belong here as much as everyone else. Wigs are so much fun and an easy way to improve one's looks that more should try them. Also, not every woman gets into the Mr. Clean look.
  • Rugtopper
    Thanks, Tav!
  • alicexm
    I’m 68, widowed, and frankly not looking but open to suggestion. That said, I’ve been wearing wigs for only four years, but I’ve been wearing artificial nails since my 20’s, false eyelashes since my 30’s. Enhancements for women is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. If we’re going to spend time and money to make ourselves feel better, why shouldn’t men. My late husband had a full head of hair but he knew if it all fell out that Yul Brenner was my favorite actor. Bottom line, if you like yourself who cares what’s on your head?
  • btrflygal7
    eh, i haven't used dating sites for so long, had no luck with them, and now that i wear a wig not sure how to go about it, so definitely wouldn't judge a man for wearing a toupee.
  • Larry
    Here is my experience (for what it's worth).

    I've encountered women who dislike men who are bald so much, that they wouldn't want to date a bald man or even want to be friends with one.

    On the other hand, there are some women who are crazy attracted to bald men. I've met a couple and while it was nice that they took a shine to my bald head (bad pun intended), we didn't match up on the important things in having a deep,and loving relationship.

    I've met women who liked me bald but hated my wigs. My experience and research indicates that women who dislike toupees, think men who wear them are insecure and lack confidence.

    Because I love being bald and wearing wigs (they are an important form of self expression for me), so if I pursue a romantic relationship, a woman has to love me bald or wigged.

    In addition to providing ways of ministering others with self esteem issues (and not just baldness), wearing wigs are a part of who I am. They may not have either helped or hindered my love life, I make friends with women a lot easier. Women love to talk about hair, and so wigs have provided a mutual interest. I'm constantly sought out to give advice and opinions such as "Should I cut my hair a lot shorter?", "Would I look good if I dyed my hair red?" I have no idea how I became an expert on hair, except (maybe) that I've had to become well read on hair and wigs for my own need to know about these things myself.

    Bottom line: for me going bald, and later wearing wigs, has been a blessing. I wish I had something really profound to say, but don't . . . except this: find your way to wearing hair pieces if that's something you want to do. Most of all, I hope you and other Christians will talk about this with our Father in Heaven.

    God bless and love,

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