• Dogmom
    Okay, ladies, this was the very first time since buying Jon Renau wigs that I've received a defected one. My Zara came yesterday and I took it out and tried it on and UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where the mono/lace front meets the regular cap stitches it looks like it was sewn by Helen Keller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! There is a huge bump and the weft looks like they just stuck it there any old way. So I cannot possibly wear it styled and needless to say the tags are off so I can't send it back, so now I have a very expensive bandana wig! NOT HAPPY AND VERY DISAPPOINTED.
  • Deleted User
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  • Moonlitnight
    Oh noooo. I have that bump where the mono meets the cap on my RW Spotlight. It is literally raised an inch off my head in a long pinch (like 2" or more). Zara has to go back.
  • Dogmom
    That's okay, I already took the tags off in my excitement to wear it. Alex called me, he's so awesome. I'm not mad, these things happen, I'm a bit disappointed and I will look at them very carefully before doing anything to them.
  • Dogmom
    LMAOOOOO !!!!!
  • dc21
    I am really bad about inspecting my wigs when they come in. I have a couple of backups I bought awhile ago and they are unopened in the box. I need to inspect right away from now on too. Quality on my latest JR Rachel's have been awful. One has a TON of short flyaways right in the front bang area - like a kid who was playing with scissors! Unwearable! So I have a $300 wig that is new and hat hair because I didn't inspect them and don't open them until I need them. I even tried pulling out the short hair but there are too many of them...grrr.
  • Vee1028
    put the tag back on and send it back as defective! I recently had to return a JR wig for the same reason. Where the lace top met the cap was a total mess and not enough hair there to cover the mess.
  • Ali
    I agree with Vee - simply put the tags back on and return it ( hopefully you didn’t cut the tags). I have to say that every Zara I have (4) has an issue where the lace front meets the regular cap. While yours does sound like especially poor workmanship, mine are just a slight nuisance as I have to keep an eye out and fuss a bit as the hair seems to separate a there, to the point that the front couple inches of hair hang a bit ackwardly away ftom the rest creating a gap. Not s huge deal and I do still really love my Zaras.
  • Katooshie
    I sent back a wig to wigs dot com without the tags. I wore it once and it was an absolute MESS of tangled frizz with the tracks showing! I don't even care if they give me store credit (although I do think they should!) I just wanted them to see with their own eyes how awful this product is that they are stocking. It was Kimora by Vivica Fox.
  • Dogmom
    LOL, I did cut the tags! LMAO... lesson learned. But thank goodness it doesn't happen that often if ever, this is a once in a blue moon thing. I can wear it under my bandana's or baseball caps. I was just disappointed in myself for removing tags so quickly and also for the poor workmanship. UGH! It's okay... no worries.
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