• BeautyWithin
    Funny story from last night. Last night we had all studio rehearsals for recital. That's 18 classes worth of young ladies in the studio at one time. All of the sudden this two and a half inch giant freaking moth flew in from the back door and started dive-bombing people's faces and getting tangled in their hair. You all know what I was thinking at that point. Uh-oh! Thankfully it was only in the waiting area and hadn't made its way into the studio yet. Can you imagine the chaos if it had? So a bunch of the moms are squeaking and flailing about as it's flying around but it occasionally lands on the wall. I slammed the door shut between the studio and the waiting room. I had on a maxi dress. I grabbed a cone paper cup from the water dispenser. Gathering my skirt in one hand, I climbed up on a chair, took that cup, stuck it over the moth on the wall and slid it down to where I could get a magazine to top the cup with. All the moms started cheering. I just smiled and walked the moth to the back door. What I really wanted to say was if this moth had gotten stuck in my wig that would would have come off like the scene from Black Panther. Bugs don't really bother me. But bugs in my wig. Nah, NOT happening! In reflection I thought if I had tripped getting up on the chair over my maxi skirt and the skirt came down it still would have been preferable to losing my wig in public! So the moral of the story is you have to be brave to wear a wig but sometimes wearing a wig can make you braver!
  • drift3r
    OMg I literally JuST posted that black Panther gif in another thread. We must be on the same wave lengths this morning :rofl:
  • Alex Kautz WIGS.COM TEAM
    What I really wanted to say was if this moth had gotten stuck in my wig that would would have come off like the scene from Black Panther.BeautyWithin

    LOL! Great story... I would have been on the floor if I saw someone in real life do the Black-Panther-wig-throw!
  • BeautyWithin
    That's what made me think of it!!! Loved it. I usually don't have time to be on here I'm the morning but my kids slept in today.
  • Moonlitnight
    Thanks for being kind to the moth. That's a funny story! I haven't seen that scene but will google it. :) Oh, didn't have to did I? Drift3r posted it. Very funny!
  • Toni Warner
    Great story, I freak out if I am outside and a bee gets in my hair, baby that sucker is coming off.
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