• Erzsike
    I don't usually look at myself in a full-length mirror without my wig on but I just did and I was so disgusted. I looked SO FAT! Do any of you feel that way without hair on?
  • Katooshie
    yep chubby and bald lol...but still a hottie! ;)
  • Erzsike
    haha! I am so relieved that I am not the only one! I am still a hottie too! :wink:
  • Moonlitnight
    It's all a question of balance. The smaller the head, the larger the bod.
  • Erzsike
    well, I have a small head and very shapely figure. It is in proportion but In am short. I think that is why I like lots of hair. Seems to balance me out. Or I COULD lose some poundage!
  • Katooshie
    you are definitely a hottie!!!
  • Katooshie
    exactly why i CANNOT wear short hair although i think it looks cute on others. I am 5'10" and curvy...i need big hair to balance it all! I am thinking of trying a LONG curly Beyonce afro!
  • Erzsike
    reading you loud and clear girlfriend. And thank you for the compliment. Right back at ya! :kiss:
  • Sunset
    I don't ever feel fat because I'm slim, but when I look at myself with my bio hair I'm totally disgusted with it. I walk about four times a week & I'm sure this helps me stay slim, it also helps a lot when I'm depressed. I'm getting ready to go for one now. :) You're a beautiful lady, so don't be disgusted with yourself.
  • Cathe Lartigue
    I could stand to lose ten pounds. But at 63 years young, I'm pretty-much satisfied with the way I look. I've learned to accept myself--faults and all. It's all good!
  • Shar W
    We all beat ourselves up about something we don’t like about our bodies. I have battled my weight my whole life. We just need to love how we look.
  • buckeyegal1963
    Yes, I sometimes feel that way with or without my wig on, I used to be thin and athletic, then I hit premenopause and it all went to hell lol. I'm not obese by any means, but going from a size 1 to a size 8 in just a couple of years did on a number on my self esteem. I'm not that tall, about 5'3, so I'd like to get down to a size 6, but if it doesn't happen that's ok too, I'm learning to accept myself being curvy now. I actually got more attention from men with the weight gain, but I don't care about that either, lol.

    Exactly Shar, we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. While I can't say I love the way I look, I don't fret about it like I used to, I've come to accept my new curves.
  • drift3r
    Another chubby bald hottie checkin’ in here. . .

    @Erzsike I don’t think I look bigger without my hair on but I’d never given it much thought before. It’s an interesting idea!

    In my 20’s, though I looked great on the outside, I was super hard on my body and didn’t take very good care of myself ... I baked in the sun, ate like crap, drank all the time.... In my 30’s now, all I care about is being healthy and active. Healthy bodies and minds are many shapes and many sizes so I try not to fixate too hard on my size.
  • Katooshie
    Yes i love my curves! I dont need to be thin to look and feel great. But i do need fab hair! Thankfully we can buy that! :)
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