• BeautyWithin
    My bio hair was ringlet curls and I am missing them. I know that there is no wig even close to my old hair. : ( Moment of silence for good hair gone gone...) Anyway I am thinking about getting a loose curl wave. I have January by Jon Renau and have been very unhappy with it. The fibers do not feel like the same quality as my Jon Renau Cameron. I do find JR caps to be uncomfortable. As soon as I washed January she became sad. I set the curls and everything but they just don't hold well. I am totally in love with the Jon Renau color 8rh14. It is an amazing dimensional brunette with no red. So I am thinking of either Brooklyn in 14/8H or Dakota in Medium Brown. I welcome any advice or experience you all could share to help me in my decision. I need some wave or soft side swept bang across my five-head. I think that also lessens the visible knots battle in the lace fronts. Unfortunately I was not bale to post this in time for today's sale but that's okay , there will be more sales in the future. So what do my wise wig wearing friends have to say?
  • buckeyegal1963
    I also have a five-head, so I hear ya on that, another reason I'm loving wearing lace front wigs, I can shorten it to a regular forehead, ha ha. I just received Dakota in ginger cream last week, I posted some pics on this thread https://www.wigs.org/discussion/704/dakota-by-envy . Shar also has Dakota. I really like it, just wish I chosen a warmer shade. The lace front is very well done, it's virtually undetectable, and it's comfortable and light weight, but I also find all of my JR caps to be comfortable as well. I just looked at Brooklyn, very pretty, looks like the bangs are longer on that one.
  • dc21
    I have Brooklyn. It is a nice density, not thin. It also has a full mono. I dont have Dakota, but it is a mono part with lace front at a good price point. Good luck!
  • Shar W
    I have Dakota in med brown. I love everything about her. I also have an Estetica wig and really like it too. Both brands caps and lace fronts are really nice. I think either one would work for you. The only issue I have with Estetica is they are always on back order.
  • Dogmom
    You look great with this style!
  • Iris
    Hi, I decided on Dakota because Brooklyn has a bump of permatease. I dislike the extra poof it gives, while some folks may like it.
  • Iris
    Have you thought of trying Envy's Brittaney? I cut a bang in her and she is dreamy. I get compliments every time I wear her.
  • Misty
    This looks so natural on you - beautiful !
  • Shar W
    Thank you :hearts:
  • Cathe Lartigue
    Having wigs by both brands I can add a bit. Estetica has the most comfortable cap I’ve ever worn in a wig. Ever. My head is more average to large and as much as I love Envy wigs, the caps run just a tad small on me—and with that said, Envy’s caps remain comfortable. I’ve washed my Envy wigs and they spring back beautifully. So do my Estetica wigs—but the beach wavy Violet by Estetica washes and dries absolutely beautifully with all those beachy waves intact. Note—I dry ALL my wigs upside down to retain fullness! Hope this helps!
  • alicexm
    I have Brittany and Chloe by EW and love both styles (Chloe is more of a bob). Since they are full synthetic, I wear them mostly on high humidity days. The caps fits perfectly, even slightly better than my 70/30 blends from Envy. I do have to wear a wig cap since all full synthetic’s make me itch. (Not sure what I’m allergic to, but that’s on me not the brand). Both wash beautifully. I have hanging stands in my shower that let full airflow through and dry quickly.
  • BeautyWithin
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences with both brands!!! It was quite helpful. :grin:
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