• A7X
    I have looked at Tousled Bob, but not pulled the trigger yet. Stop Traffic seems to last pretty long, I've been wearing wigs since August 2018 and I now have four of the Stop Traffic. One is new and I haven't worn it yet, one I'm trying to revive via steaming and curling since it's getting clumpy, one I'm actively wearing, and one is my "around the house" wig since it's not rooted and I don't feel like it looks as good. I probably didn't need to buy so many, but one I bought on ebay for $100 or so and most were around $150ish - I'm just not expert enough (yet) to keep them looking great. Some people say their wigs last them for years! I rationalize that I used to have my bio hair cut and colored for around $140 every 8 weeks, so I'm actually saving money on my hair using wigs.
  • animallover
    Thanks for the reply! I have 2 wigs that I've "played" with....one I added roots to ( it was a very blond unrooted color) and one I added pink highlights to ( it is a rooted wheat blonde color) I wear the pink highlighted one quite often and I wear the one I rooted with light brown in the summer as it is more of a pixie cut. Both came out great. I bought a package of colored markers, soaked the inside cartridge in a small amount of water in a small spray bottle overnight. I rooted one wig by turning it inside out and spraying the inside cap very slightly and kept checking for roots. The pink one I sectioned the hair and sprayed lightly for light pink but later went back and sprayed to a little darker pink. It was fun and is fun to wear! Just thought I'd mention it in case you ever feel adventurous!
  • Larry
    I think it looks great on you. Based on the photograph I'd say the color goes well with your skin tones, and simply put the cut flatters your facial features.
    God bless,
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  • A7X
    Thanks for that tip - I would love a pink highlighted wig! I keep looking for one but it's good to know I can make one if I want to!
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