• Sunset
    While I was in Arizona where it was 110 degrees I wore my bio hair. (yuck) I couldn't have made it there with one of my wigs due to the heat, and it was also windy & blowing sand. My daughter & grand kids are used to my hair, and because it was so hot I let the grand kids spray me with water. (LOL) I also several times wore my baseball cap. I was glad to get back home to my wigs that are my friends. I just had on my new Fiery wig by JW, and it looks so awesome. I wish I would have had this one before I cut my hair four inches shorter than what this wig is. I was going to cut it, but decided I'm going to leave it this length & not wear it around some of the people who have gotten used to me with my hair shorter. I know that's silly not wearing some of my wigs around people, but I feel I can keep my secret by not doing it. Maybe they know, and maybe they don't. No one has ever said anything but giving me compliments on my hair. I just say thank you, because I feel it is my hair. I paid for it!!! I'm too sensitive about my baby fine hair to be getting into conversations about me wearing wigs or hair pieces. Anyway, it felt good for a while wearing my bio hair, even though it doesn't look good. I don't know how anyone could possibly make it in hot weather like that wearing a wig all the time. I guess I should be happy I've even got any hair. I had hair envy when I was playing around with my four grandchildren's hair. Everyone of them has great hair I'd give my eye teeth to have. I'm happy for them they will never have to wear wigs to look like they have a normal amount of hair. My daughter has great hair to, and it astounds me she keeps it so short. I'd have it long!!!
  • Moonlitnight
    Good for you Sunset. I actually hate the feeling of no wig now, especially when it rains. It feels like I am totally bald. My daughter inherited her dad's lovely thick hair as well. It's strange because my grandmother, great aunt, mother, her two sisters, and my three sisters all has extremely fine hair or no hair.
  • buckeyegal1963
    Sounds like you had a great time with your family Sunset! Fiery was another piece I've looked at, might be too long for me though. If you feel comfortable, I'd love to see you post a pic :smile:
  • Sunset
    I don't feel comfortable posting a picture, but in looking at your profile picture Fiery is only about two inches longer. I really think it's pretty, and it's also low density like I prefer. Have you looked at any of the videos on youtube about it?
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