• JohnD
    My RW Couture (HH) Savoir Faire/Glazed Strawberry (R-29S) came yesterday. I was excited to try it on and see the color. My shirt was off because it was 108 degrees outside yesterday where I live - yikes that's hot. You know it's funny, with the different wigs I have. I have several different cuts and styles, then I switch those up with different colors. Like this one here. So when I go to the gym wearing a different color with the same style. People usually come up and say: "Oh you dyed your hair" - lol. I used my "wet look" routine that I described in a post yesterday for the hair. I still need to make a few adjustments and customize the hairline on it. Like I do on all of them - thank you YouTube.

  • dc21
    Beautiful color! It looks less red than the synthetic Glazed Strawberry. Is this a good investment for RW HH? I burn through synthetics since I wear long styles. Can you expect 6-9 months or more out of them?
  • Sunset
    Looks good and very believable. You're lucky to be able to go outside without a shirt. Women can't get away with that.
  • Alex Kautz WIGS.COM TEAM
    I love the color!! What do you do to customize the hairline?
  • Moonlitnight
    I love that colour!
  • Shar W
    I love it. The color fits you.
  • KellyA
    I like it. Very natural
  • tomoka

    Wow! Sexy guy! :kiss:
  • JohnD

    Yes - I'm quite fond of the RW/HH's now. For me, and in my opinion the synthetics are too hot, don't look as real and other issues that I experienced as well. All of the HH's have held up fine for me. These wigs from the Couture line have an amazing cap. It feels like a scalp to me. Of course it does help that I'm thin on top already and have a buzz cut.
  • JohnD

    I trim the lace back - no big deal there. What makes a big difference is, I pluck some hairs on the front of the hairline (it's to straight from the factory) and on the part. This makes the part wider to show more of the wig's top (scalp look) which make it look a lot more believable. Additionally, plucking the hairline gives it more of a natural looking hairline instead of a perfectly straight line. I also take a lotion and add some water and press my fingers on to the lace. This helps "push" and melt the lace into your forehead skin.
  • JohnD
    To the rest, thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
  • Alex Kautz WIGS.COM TEAM
    ahhhh! I will have to try that. I think I would be terrified while plucking a human hair wig, though :sweat:
  • BeatA
    I got one from that couture Line and I loved the way the silicone stripes in the inside adhere to my bald scalp, but I had this tenting problem on top that I hated. So I tried to take it in a bit, but it didn’t work well. I also got a headache after wearing it for a few hours, because the circumference was really tight. I did not notice that at first and by the time I did notice I had already cut the lace so it was too late to send it back. This line is pretty expensive and I was disappointed. I would Love to try another one, but I’m afraid they might all be that tight.
    I’m surprised they fit you so well, because you’re a guy and they seem to run small or do they have larger sizes too? Mine was Art of Chic I think and I had to cut some of the hair in the back cause it looked really funky. In retrospect I picked the wrong style from that line.... for now Ia sticking with synthetic it’s so much easier, but I did love the way the cap stays put no matter what! You me ruined that in an earlier post.
  • A7X
    Amazing - I would never know that wasn't your natural hair!
  • JohnD

    I have 16 Couture wigs and 6 of them are ruined. They were ruined by the stylist - long story. My first one was an Art of Chic. I think it's too short. You'd be better off with a Hollywood and Divine which is longer and cheaper. All of mine are Hollywood and Divine except for the one Art of Chic and four Savoir Faires'. As far as the cap - if it's tenting - in my opinion it is not pulled down properly. Rather than pulling the ear tabs only to minimize tenting. I would also try pulling down from the back corner with your fingers underneath the silicone right at the adjustment hooks.

    When new, I also heat mine up with a dryer on the inside, and put it on to break it in, and let it form, which it will do. Much like breaking in a pair of shoes. You may have to do this several times in the evening over a few days like I did. I have mine out at the furthest setting like it comes when it is shipped. I get migraines frequently (thanks mom) and have no issues with the wig exacerbating my headaches. Love how it feels and how secure it is.
  • JohnD

    Yeah it's a bit scary at first. I had a few that got ruined and started with them as experiments - which helped. Remember you're only doing one hair at a time - lol.
  • BeatA
    oh that’s really helpful
    John. I’ll try that with mine. And yes At of Chic is definitely too short. Next time I would get a longer one for sure. It’s also way too thick ( too
    Much hair). I have already thinned it
    So much and it is still so thick! How are the other ones in the thickness department?
  • Misty
    Looking good - love the colour.
  • JohnD

    Yes - I agree. There literally is two wigs worth of hair in Art of Chic. Perhaps, I/we should suggest to RW they could put in half as much hair, which would suffice, and they could reduce the price 50% because of the hair savings - lol. My opinion is the thickness is primarily in the temples. My stylist was lazy and didn't thin mine properly - thus ruining it. Savoir Faire is thick as well. However that's not an issue because it's longer and the fullness isn't quite as evident to me.
  • BeatA
    LOL great idea they can pass the savings on to us! Who has hair that thick anyway. Might as well wear a label saying
    “ this is a wig, cause ( almost) nobody has hair like this!”
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