• BeatA
    Waiting for me after I got home from a long trip. Did not do any “Playing” with either one. May do that tomorrow. So far I like Jnited. It’s definitely and “every day wig”. Not sure about the color ( mocca rooted). It’s pretty, but not sure I’m
    Ready to go darker yet....
    Sandra: like the cap, except miss the lace front. The hair.... meh. Too much overall. Not that crazy about the layering.... maybe a bit too mullety? I like that I could do a pony tail.... color is very pretty more depth, rooted and dimension with pretty reddish notes.
    Here are
    The pics:
    That’s United.
    And here is Sandra:
    And just for
    Kicks at the end Elizabeth after 40 hours uninterrupted wear aka “
    Nevertheless she persisted:
  • Shar W
    I love the United and the color on you! Sandra has potential and the color is gorgeous. Of course I love Elizabeth on you. She looks great!
  • Moonlitnight
    So you are home at last! Well done for surviving the flight. I really love United on you and the colour too. I would give Sandra a little while as you are not used to seeing yourself with longer hair. I don't see anything "mullety" about the back. It's graduated, is all. Elizabeth always looks fabulous on you. :love:
  • dc21
    United looks great on you! Sandra reminds me of a handtied version of Minka, the layering and length look similar. I like you in Sandra too, I think you can make it work. Considering Elizabeth is HD, yours doesn't seem to be suffering from all of the wear! I have wanted to try JR Spicy for ages, which is also HD, but have been hesitant. Elizabeth is awesome on you!
  • BeatA
    I have not worn Elizabeth a lot so I can’t really say how well she will hold up over time. But now that I’ve started using the power of steam a few months ago I think it will be ok. It will still be a wig I will save a bit for occasions. But yes I love her too.
    I am definitely on the fence about Sandra. It’s a lot of hair! And it’s been a long time since I’ve worn a wig without a lace front.
    I have Minka coming some time today I a londer color so we shall see. I’m not sure about the length and the layering yet. Might not be for me. Maybe bobs are more my style. And some fringes in the front. After some sleep I’ll go back and play some more
  • buckeyegal1963
    I love both United and Sandra on you! Once you've got some rest and can play with Sandra a bit, you'll like her more. In my opinion this midlength really suits you and doesn't look mulletty at all. As dc21 says, Sandra does seem similar to Minka, Minka does have a lace front and full mono top. My Minka was a little flippier than I like straight out of the box, so I gently steamed her to relax the flips, and she is perfect for me, she's my everyday piece for 2 months now and so far is holding up well.
  • BeatA
    Minka should
    Come today so we will
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