• Sunset
    Today was a depressing day for me. It's around the time I lost my beloved fiancee 4 years ago. I was also depressed about my bio hair. Even though I have wigs & hairpieces nothing is ever 100% perfect for me. Especially if I'm having a depressing day. I know this will sound strange but I've been wanting to wear my hair half up with a barrette for a long time. Every wig or topper never looks right with that style I know looks good on me. Suddenly I decided to go into my wig room & put on my most recent wig Fiery by JR. I've cut the length some so it's the same color as Drew, & it just looks like I'm wearing my hair different when I switch off between these two. Even though I have no where to go tonight, I did clip in a beautiful barrette into the back of Fiery & it's actually staying perfectly. It's not too thick of hair to clip in, & it's not too thin. The density of Fiery is perfect for this style when I want. You can see the front sides of my bio hair that matches so perfectly in color it's incredible. I think that makes it more believable looking. With my own bio hair I can't wear it half up, not enough to do it with, and the barrettes just slide right through my slippery, baby fine hair. Other wigs I've tried doing the half up thing with the barrette wasn't big enough & it didn't lay back correctly. I'd never tried this with Fiery, so my depression is gone now all from just walking into my wig room. I'm going to go out when I can & buy some pretty barrettes I always envied seeing other women wearing I can now wear too. Maybe I'll get some new earrings also because with this hairstyle they will show more. (LOL)
  • Moonlitnight
    Even though I have wigs & hairpieces nothing is ever 100% perfect for me.Sunset

    Tell me about it...

    It's incredible how one small tweak can restore the soul and the attitude, hey Sunset? Again, I am so very sorry for your loss. Love endures, doesn't it? He's watching over you. Soul mates always do. xoxo
  • Misty
    I too am so sorry for your loss. :hearts:
    Love endures, doesn't it? He's watching over youMoonlitnight
    so true Moonlitnight. :hearts:
    I am really glad you managed to make your Fiery feel like yours. We all still have good and bad hair days Lol xx
  • PinkEvie
    I had to google the name Barrette, we call it a hair clip here in Wales.

    I am so sorry for you loss, sending hugs. xxxxx
  • Moonlitnight
    Lol! I remember when I moved to Canada—a whole new language,

    I used to call barettes "hair slides."
  • Deleted User
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  • Sunset
    Thank you all for your responses.
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