• CherylH
    Newbie here and I'd surely appreciate any and all input! I purchased my very 1st hair piece: the Jon Renau Top Wave 18" Topper. I love the look of it in the pictures (of course, LOL). Once it arrived, I knew it was way too puffy for my smaller head (but also know it will tame and there are other options).

    My concern is the feel and smell :( This topper just feels like a bad wig. (I've felt cheap wigs my daughter's bought for cosplay and some of those priced around $20 felt better than this).

    I'm wondering if all Jon Renau toppers feel like this? (and smell like this? Yuck). I'm also considering the Belle Tress Mono Top Wave 18". I really want a wave pattern, not straight hair and not too tight of curls. I love the idea of real human hair (I used to have human hair bonded extensions for over 5 years and loved them), but I'm loving the idea of ready-to-go synthetic hair even more.

    Is there an alternative that I'm missing here? I really prefer a topper to a wig. I do need coverage in the back of my head as well as the top, so at least a 5"x 5" topper is best. I like the back coverage that the Jon Renau gives, but I don't have to have that much. I don't have a lot of $ to currently spend (got a daughter finishing college this year out-of-state in Michigan).

    Please, Hair Yodas...I would LOVE your assistance :heart:
  • Misty
    Hi Cheryl and welcome to this forum. I only wear full wigs, so don't have a lot of information about toppers. There are a lot of lovely people here who I am sure will be able to assist.
    I do wear Jon Renau hair, and have never noticed a smell from their hair. Their fibre also feels quite soft and natural. Hopefully someone else will be able to jump in and offer you some advice.
  • Moonlitnight
    HelloCheryl and welcome to the forum. First, I am concerned that your JR topper smelled weird. I would be returning it pretty fast. Although, my Raquel wigs all reeked of some chemical when I removed them from their boxes. It dissipates pretty fast.

    I have had keratin-bonded human hair extensions for 12 years. I suddenly lost a lot of hair from the top of my head, so I now wear wigs. I am not pleased with wearing them as they have rubbed off my hair at the front. I also had a lovely Noriko Milan topper that I wore daily (with my extensions underneath) but this literally pulled my hair out in the region of the clips leaving significant bare spots. The Milan is quite large at 8.5 x 9" and possibly the weight dragged on my hair. I also have a gorgeous Belle Tress Long Mono topper. It is much thinner than the Milan and, for me, more natural looking. The fibre is just lovely—very silky. I can't compare anything with JR hair as I am not familiar with it. I will be wearing the Long Mono in the fall as it is quite dark and has roots. (Champagne with Apple Pie). The Long Mono and the wavy versions have a much smaller base and a lace front which is really lovely and not at all "puffy."

    I hope this helps and, again, welcome!
  • HeatherE
    Hello and welcome! My first topper was top wave 12 inch and I really didn't like it. It had way too much poof/permatease, and even getting it thinned out really didn't help a lot. I did wear it for a few months, up in a messy bun. I don't have advice, as I now have found a happy place with top secret, which is straight. As far as an odor, I never noticed anything. Google and youtube wavy toppers, learn what's out there. I know there are other folks here who wear toppers, I'm sure they will also offer their wisdom. :heart:
  • PinkEvie
    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to this lovely bunch of ladies talking everything hair.

    I'm afraid I can't help you as I wear wigs, but just wanted to say hello. xx
  • linda
    Hi Cheryl, I can offer up a few suggestions on toppers. Ive been wearing them since 2009. I still have my very first topper and, believe it or not, it's in good condition. My toppers are Rene of Paris, the "Amore" series. A few years after i bought the first Rene discontinued that one and her topper selection was limited. So my hairdresser contacted a distributor and asked if I could buy this same one. They said sure. But I had to buy a minimum of three. So I did:) I love them. It's short, but still long enough to do a variety of styles. Pony tails, etc. Im a former hairdresser so styling is pretty simple for me.
    Ive had no hair loss associated with wearing the toppers, but my bio hair is super thin. The base has to be at least 6!/2 to 81/2.
    Someone mentioned on the blog to explore other sites to get a feel for what's out there. I know we are not suppose to mention other sites, but Im going for it...initials PP. Ive learned a lot from reviewing this site.
    Ive not had any smells (and my smeller is super sensitive) associated with toppers or wigs. I would send it back if I were you and move on. Life's to short to deal with bad hair, let alone a bad wig.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Please keep us posted on what you come up with.
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